How to Use Whatsapp Web on Mac and Windows (2023 Updated)

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Accessing WhatsApp on the Web browser is a trick for you to enjoy sending and receiving Whatsapp messages on a bigger screen desktop. Just synchronize your Whatsapp number account using a scan QR code on web Whatsapp and log in to it. Here I will show you how to use Whatsapp Web with iPhone, iPhone, and Wi-Fi+ Cellular iPad. Tricks include enabling Web Whatsapp on the desktop with Apple iPhone, and learning how to log out of Web Whatsapp remotely.

How to Open Whatsapp Web On Mac/ Windows

Step 1. Before getting started following the steps, visit on your Mac or PC.

open whatsapp in web and Scan Using your iPhone
open whatsapp on web and Scan Using your iPhone

Step 2. Launch WhatsApp on your iPhone > Tap on Settings from the bottom right corner of the screen > Tap on Linked Devices.

whatsapp setting to linked devices on iphone
whatsapp setting to linked devices on iPhone

Step 3. Hit on ‘Link a Device‘ and Confirm it’s You with Face ID or Touch ID if Enabled for WhatsApp.

link a devices confirm it's you ok button on iphone
link a devices confirm it’s you ok button on iPhone

Step 4. You’ll be getting Scan Code Screen to scan the QR code. Now, WhatsApp is Verified on your Browser on Mac/PC (See the next screen).

scan QR code link device on iphone
scan QR code link device on iPhone

Step 5. Web Whatsapp successfully logs in to your Browser.

WhatsApp Web is open on Browser
WhatsApp Web is open on Browser

To Logout WhatsApp Web from the Browser, Click on More Options > Log out.

Log Out Web WhatsApp on Mac or PC
Log Out Web WhatsApp on Mac or PC

You’re Done.

Steps to learn how to Login WhatsApp web without scanning QR code

Do you want to log in to WhatsApp Web remotely? You can do it easily by following my step-by-step guide.

  1. Open
  2. click on the Link with phone number
  3. Enter your phone number
    Select a country and enter your WhatsApp phone number.
    Click on Next
  1. Now Enter the Eight Digits code on your phone
  2. Linking WhatsApp account, For example, +1 230###450
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Now Bottom steps you have to follow on your Phone.

  1. Open WhatsApp on your iPhone.
  2. Go to settings tapping on the right-lower side corner.
  3. Tap Linked devices and then Link a device
  4. You need to scan Face ID or enter passcode to access next screen in whatsapp.
  5. Tap Link with phone number instead and enter the code on your phone.

if Code expired, then you can create new code.
The code has expired, please generate a new one and enter it on your phone.

So Enjoy Whatsapp Web without scanning QR code.

By the way, now you could enjoy all the iOS Whatsapp messenger App features on your desktop/Mac. To run web Whatsapp flawlessly, please keep your Phone connected and required an active internet connection and mostly a nearby desktop.

Keep Remember: The Web Whatsapp is allowed login at a time only on a single browser and computer, so whenever you try to log in with the same Whatsapp number, you will ‘be prompted a message ‘Whatsapp is open on another browser or browser. Click ‘Use Here’ to use Whatsapp in this Window.’

Use Web Whatsapp on Mac, and Windows with supported browsers and get started sending and receiving Whatsapp messages right from your desktop.

Do you want to logout web Whatsapp? Here’s my complete guide to learn log out web whatsapp on any device.

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