How to View or Remove App Subscription on iPhone/ iPad, Mac 2023

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Find out all subscribed apple services like apple music, Purchase app, Stop Renew before End App Trial on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Apple allows all Apple device users to manage app subscriptions and find the list, Update, and Cancel app subscriptions on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and any other device.

Cancel an App Store Subscription is not managed by the App Store app, so people are querying, App store isn’t showing an app subscription on iPhone.

Steps for View & Remove App Subscription on iPhone, iPad & MacBook

Steps for View & Remove App Subscription iOS 14, iOS 15 and later users;

  1. Open Settings App from your iPhone Home screen.
  2. Tap on Apple ID profile
Manage Subscription on iPhone Settings app
Manage Subscription on iPhone Settings app
  • Click on Subscriptions
  • And on the screen, you can see App Subscriptions.
  • Turn off or Deactive Subscription on iPhone
    Turn off or Deactive Subscription on iPhone
  • Choose an app and cancel the app subscriti0on that you want.
  • That’s it!!

    Turn on/Off Share New Subscriptions With Family

    Now, on Latest iOS & iPadOS version, the Parent has total control of Allow to share the new Subscription that you purchased with your Family. Once you enable the below Option, Eligible subscriptions will automatically be shared with your family.

    1. Open Settings app on iPhone > Tap on Profile name.subscriptions-for-your-apple-id-account-on-iphone
    2. Next, Tap on Subscriptions > Enable Share New Subscriptions Option. or Turn off auto share New subscription with Family. That’s setup with under Family sharing. share-new-subscriptions-toggle-for-icloud-account
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    That’s one key solution to manage your upcoming subscription that might be iCloud Space, Apps, and more.

    View, Change or Cancel Active Subscription on MacBook Mac Computer: Quickly

    We can also manage Active Apps and Apple Music Subscription from other Apple Devices that Signed with the Same Apple ID. Here’s Manage Subscription on Mac Computer. On your Mac Computer, Open Mac App Store > Click on Account Name > View Information.

    Find the Account information on Mac App Store
    Find the Account information on Mac App Store
    • Next, Scroll down on the Account Information, and click on the Manage option. Here’s the list of all Purchased from Active and Inactive Apps.
    Manage All Subscriptions on Mac App Store
    Manage All Subscriptions on Mac App Store

    See All Active Subscription for your Apple ID and manage from here as well.

    • That’s it.

    Steps For View & Remove App Subscription in iOS 12 and Earlier users,

    Go to the Settings app on the iPhone/iPad.
    Next, Tap on profile name > iTunes & App Store.
    Now, Tap on Apple ID for more details about your account like View Apple ID, Sign out, iForgot.

    1 Disable or Stop Subscriptions on iPhone and iPad

    Go to View Apple ID > Scroll Down and Find Subscriptions > Here’s active and Expired Subscriptions.

    2 Apps Subscription on iPhone

    Tap on to remove the active subscription list. And Go with Cancel.

    After canceling it, some subscriptions won’t go away from the active list. This happens because of might be you are in trial service or plan.

    Are you an admin of your family sharing plan? if yes, then you have the rights to edit, in other terms, You can see and remove the app subscription, other family members only can use the app and pro features until you take action.

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    To stop your purchases with other people,

    Stop Family Purchase Sharing, on your iPhone/iPad Go to Settings > Profile name > Family Sharing > Purchase Sharing > Stop Family Purchase Sharing or Disable Share My Purchases toggle.

    3 Disable app purchase

    Don’t be panic to use free trial services or apps, Stop renewing after the trial expired using this way on the iPhone and iPad. Only use the trial for free and close before you charge.

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