How to zip and Unzip file on iPhone 13 Pro Max: Password Protected

Best compatible and great works for iPhone running on the latest iOS. Here you can get the total solutions on Move Files, Folders, Photos, or Create duplicate copies in an easy way. And the most stunning feature of iZip file is, that you can Unzip password-protected files or create password-protected zip within the app. So iZip is a New but totally amazing app for Unzip files on iOS 13 or later iOS devices. Not giving other alternative apps for this time on the base of my personal review.

Best App: Unzip the file on any iPhone

Before unzip file on device, you can see a list of all Files and view it for reading (PDF file, DOC file). Create a Duplicate copy of zip file, Move it from anywhere or inside a new folder.

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Unzip file on iOS 8 running with iPhone 6, 6 Plus

Access Photos, Music – Audios, Online Service (iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive in Premium Features), from the Setting you can manage all password related action by pre set on your app.

Here in the second screen you can see Default option for make any zip file password protected or unprotected.

Access all file and Set zip file protection settings

Make secure password protected zip file by Pain password or AES password encryption techniques.

View document from zip file and Print directly from that, using iOS device compatible printer.

Select Multiple file or all at once and Make zip file in smart way.

Send mail in zip file or Separate document

Send mail attachment from files
Multi file selection in iPhone, iPad

Once you select multiple file like given in below image, then tap on Email icon from beneath tab. So you can send in two different ways: Attach Original Files, Compress selected files.

Want to open document or Media file in to desired app, Tap on Open in icon.

From Now, Zip or Unzip file on iOS running on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch should be possible with above essential app for Business or Personal use.

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