How to Use WhatsApp Live Location Sharing from iPhone

Here’s the guide on how to use WhatsApp Live Location Sharing from iPhone. Now Enable Encrypted Live location sharing features in iOS.

WhatsApp introduced new features for sharing your live location with your friends or Family in personal chat or Group into the encrypted format. Here’s I learn how to share and use WhatsApp Live location sharing for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad). Also get the troubleshooting guide if you won’t share live location on WhatsApp from iPhone or iPad. Track real-time location on WhatsApp app.


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Note: Unable to get or find live Location Sharing on WhatsApp iPhone, iPad. Please update WhatsApp to the latest version. Any Updates are available then, Close app and Launch again. The main thing is that the user can’t send fake live location on WhatsApp iPhone.


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How to Use WhatsApp Live Location Sharing on iPhone, iPad

Step 1: Launch WhatsApp on iPhone or iPad.

Step 2: Open Conversation and Group in that you want to share your current location from anywhere.

Step 3: Tap on (+) icon next to the textbox.

1 start to share live location from WhatsApp on iphone

Step 4: Next, Tap on location and New Button option is “Share Live Location”. Also Set How long we want to share and Tap to send.

1 WhatsApp Live location share on iphone

Image: WhatsApp

Also, we can stop location sharing anytime.

Now Person in chat can track all real-time places. That’s work in Group also.

Step 5: it will send instant, Please be careful. There is no confirmation screen in-between.

You will send location sharing with Location name and Pin code or Area code number.

iPhone Live Location Sharing not working on WhatsApp

1. Enable Location Service

Are you getting: “No nearby Places Found”, Turn on location service on iPhone and also check it’s not disabled for WhatsApp. Scroll down the screen and Find WhatsApp app, Customize Settings like while in use or Enable.

4 Enable Location Service for WhatsApp

Go to the Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Enable Location Services.

3 Enable Location Service on iPhone

2. Reboot or Hard Reset

iPhone 8 Plus/8 Plus/ iPhone X, iPhone XS, XS Max, XR:

  1. Press and Quickly Release Volume Up button,
  2. Press and Quickly Release Volume down Button,
  3. Press and Hold Side Button until you see the Apple logo on Screen.

To Start the iPhone, Again press Side button until startup apple logo on the screen.

iPhone 6S and Earlier: Sleep/Wake + Home button

iPhone 7/7: Sleep/Wake + Volume Down button until apple logo on the screen.

3. Reset Location & Privacy

Fix any issue related to location service, Go to the Settings > General > Reset > Reset Location & Privacy.

5 Reset Location & Privacy on iphone settings

Above are the Quick tips for using WhatsApp Live Location Sharing from iPhone, iPad, and fixed issues.

Video to getting Cool WhatsApp Tips & Tricks

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