iCaughtU: jailbreak app settings in iPhone, iPad for Batter Use

Jailbreak app settings for iCaughtU pro make feel to you for actual use of security in your iPhone and iPad. For that you must have to set below require and essential settings under iCaughtU pro app. iCaughtU pro only use for effective security in your iPhone and iPad on iOS 7 as compare to other security apps in Cydia or iTunes. In iCaughtU jailbreak app settings, you will get below amazing features with quality after apply settings given in below steps.

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Advance features in iCaughtU pro jailbreak app settings

  1. Take picture with front camera if available when wrong Passcode attempt on limitation
  2. To set wrong password limitation Go, iCaughtU Pro > Setting > Wrong Password
  3. Gather all information like Location address and Map
  4. Auto messaging performing through SMS or iMessage (15 different commands are available)
  5. AndroidLock XT compatible. (It’s type of android lock)
  6. Send recommended email address, any one supporting like Gmail or hotmail
  7. Photo sent through email when wrong Passcode attempt by thief or trying to turn of iPhone or iPad device
  8. Set number of attempt for wrong Passcode [Note: less number of attempts more supportive]
  9. Instant SMS and mail reporting to the address, mobile number
  10. Gives message on wrong Passcode attempt or try to turn off
  11. Fake mode: This mode makes your iDevice working partially, after that you can access some of the app. In this mode your iDevice disable battery indicator and display wrong battery percentage.
iCaughtU Pro Jailbreak app Passcode tweaks Screen
iCaughtU Pro Jailbreak app Passcode tweaks Screen
iCaughtU Pro Jailbreak app settings
iCaughtU Pro Jailbreak app settings

Pricing: $2.5 on Cydia, and $2.99 on iTunes


In the recent updates on iCaughtU pro, here’s some bug fix on past iOS updates. Know more about iCaughtU pro Jailbreak app settings go here

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I hope you enjoyed iCaughtU pro jailbreak tweaks updates, don’t miss to share what’s your think on iCaughtU pro apps. What you want to get advance features in new future update and your suggestion.