How to Improve Battery life on iPod Touch 6th Generation after iOS Update

We have many ways to improve Battery life on iPod Touch which will help you to boost battery for a long time. Our team has found maximum potential ways to increase battery life, so let’s apply on your iPod to run up long time battery power ON. Save battery to the smart device is a big challenge, but not too hard to manage that. Follow carefully steps to Fix iPod Touch battery consumption issue. Hope, your iPod would never be running without the power. Enjoy your iPod music on your long drive until a long time.

Get Main Settings to Improve battery life on iPod Touch 6th Generation/ 5th Gen: iOS 12

Adjust Brightness to Improve Battery life on iPod Touch 6

Adjust Brightness to improve Battery life on iPod TouchYou can save nearly half of battery in a day by keeping the screen brightness turned down as much as possible time. If you’re running iOS 11 or iOS 12 running iPod touch, then follow bottom steps that will let you to adjusting iPod screen brightness.

Settings app → Display & Brightness Auto-Brightness.

In the given screen, you can see the turned on the green toggle for Auto brightness. So that controls display light automatically as per your iPod around darkness.

Enable Low Power Mode: To Save battery life on iPod touch 6th Generation

Version iOS 9.3 or later edition iOS device comes with more useful options, and that’s Low Power mode and Battery label inside the Settings app.Save Battery life on iPod Touch 6th Generation

Enabled low power mode works to reduce energy expenditure until you can fully charge your iPod Touch. Keep remembering –  while you will turn on low power mode (Yellow color battery symbol at the top status bar), many services such as Mail fetch, background app refresh, some visual effects, and automatic downloads are reduced or turned off.

Also, you can also know which apps eats more power life at last 24 hours and average of Last 7 Days. Therefore, you could easily decide that the required changes such as delete apps, disable background app refresh.

Turn off Location Services for apps if not necessary.

There are many iOS apps either built-in or third-party, that track location if LS (location services) is enabled under the location services option. That also access nearby location, uses GPS, Bluetooth, and crowd-sourced Wi-Fi hotspot like MacDonald’s, Starbucks store, etc. So you should turn location services off on your iPod Touch. You understand this way by listed steps.

Turn off location Services iOS 9, iPod touch, iPad, iPhone

Settings app → PrivacyLocation Services → Turn Location Services OFF.

You can also turn off services on iPod for an individual app by select never.

Is your iPod Touch 6 running iOS 11 or iOS 12 software program? If Yes, Great,

Get Here More Tips Improve iPod Touch battery life:

Improve Battery life on iPod Touch – More than 10 Free Tips for iOS 12 or later users.

Above listed all instructions for saving battery life on iPod touch is applicable for iPhone and iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad Pro.

Extra tidbits:

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