How to improve your gameplay and win percentage in battles in Escape from Tarkov

Tarkov is one of the most popular shooters in the battle royale genre, which combines the mechanics of survival and searching for equipment and weapons and full-fledged combat.

An important role is played by EFT Rubles you can buy in Skycoach, which are used as the main currency for all property insurance operations, the purchase and redemption of lots of lost equipment and the purchase of goods that are collected from dead PMC employees.

Basic moments

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You must choose your side of the conflict in the confrontation between two private military campaigns that represent the interests of Russia and the United States, and resolve the conflict between countries without moving to real hostilities and involving large forces and troops.

The choice does not play a significant role for your gameplay – you simply make a choice based on your personal preferences.

If you choose the Bears PMC, you will interact with Russian weapons, listen and give orders in Russian, buy rubles, and so on.

If you choose PMC Terra, then all your allies, and you will speak English, use weapons and equipment of the armies of NATO countries and interact with dollars as the main currency for various financial transactions and insurance purchases.

How to get equipment and weapons

gameplay and win percentage in battles copy

You will start playing as an operative of one of the sides of the conflict that you choose, but your equipment and weapons will, to put it mildly, not be very good, and you will need to make combat sorties to find abandoned points and warehouses that were left behind by regular military personnel who left Tarkov before the conflict.

You will go on dangerous combat missions alone, or in a group with allies, in order to obtain ammo reserves, new weapons and accessories for them, grenades and medicines, a helmet and body armor through combat or cunning.

Combat exit means that you will leave the peaceful zone and in order to return to it you need to get to a certain point on the map.

All equipment that you find in battle or as a result of the search must be taken to the peaceful zone to make it yours.

If you die, you will lose all the equipment you have that was not insured before going into combat.


gameplay and win percentage in battles Shooting

Tarkov is a very tactical and realistic project, in which you must take into account ballistics and the laws of physics for bullet flight if you want to become a first-class shooter and have a chance to defeat the enemy even with one shot.

All you need is to have good equipment and the skill to aim correctly and calculate the distance to the target – a special sight, which can be found during combat sorties, or bought for EFT rubles, will help with this.

You will be able to use three tactics to fire:

  1. Single
  2. Three rounds each
  3. Automatic


This is the most cold-blooded, targeted and accurate way to fire and eliminate opponents, especially if you start a battle.

Shooting and killing with one cartridge is possible if you aim just above the head of your enemy, but this method only works if the enemy does not see you – in a full-fledged battle, all means will be used, including automatic fire and full-fledged aiming there simply won’t be time for each shot – you will be crushed by full-fledged fire and will not be allowed to lean out of cover.

But it is quite possible to start a battle and immediately deactivate the enemy, especially if there are several enemies, and by the time the turmoil passes you will have already eliminated half of the enemy squad.

Three rounds each

Firing three rounds, or in bursts, is a way to fight with overwhelming power and reliability. The fact is that you fire three bullets at once with one pull of the trigger and your chance of hitting the target with at least one bullet, then the chance of killing the enemy increases.

Since this type of shooting is often used at close and medium distances, after a short mastery of the capabilities of automatic weapons, you will be able to fully hit with two or even three shots and are guaranteed to destroy the target after hitting important organs and not a single bulletproof vest will save the enemy.


This is a shooting format when you do not save ammo and set yourself the goal of not only hitting the enemy with at least a couple of them, but also suppressing him with fire, not allowing him to stick his head out and shoot back.

Try to combine aimed and suppressive fire, because if you simply waste the entire magazine of cartridges, you will be defenseless while reloading and can easily lose your life from a bullet, or get a grenade.

Find and use grenades

Many Tarkov players neglect grenades. They do not use them in battle and willingly sell them to get cheap EFT rubles, which makes a big mistake.

The fact is that attacking grenades combined with targeted fire are a guarantee that the enemy will choose between two options – bad and very bad. This means he will only have three options.

The first is to take a bullet while hiding from a grenade.

The second is to take cover, but risk dying or being seriously injured from shrapnel.

The third is to run away and hope for a miracle.

Of course, the enemy can turn the situation in his favor, but the initiative, advantage and chance of victory will be on your side, so always keep at least three grenades in your inventory.

Always keep two different weapons on hand

This means that these types of weapons should have different types of ammunition so that you can switch between them and always have a supply of ammunition.

The most optimal and common option is an assault rifle and sniper weapon.

You will have to tinker, spend time and Tarkov rubles to collect all the auxiliary equipment, such as sights, a flash suppressor, precision grips and extended magazines, but this will help you be prepared for any game situation and combat distance, even if you are not the initiator of it.

Such weapons must also be insured so as not to be lost in the event of death – all property that is insured cannot be stolen and will be returned to your hero after restoration.

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