Invalid SIM or No SIM showing on iPhone, iPad: Installed Card

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020

Are you getting error or invalid time in place of carrier name on your iPhone, Cellular iPad? There Showing Title Like invalid SIM or No SIM or IMSI country code at top in the notification bar besides the network signal strength dots. There might be any from many reasons behind error for invalid SIM or No SIM showing on iPhone, iPad.

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In the most cases, Hardware problem should be not occurring apart from carrier, Geo location, SIM Type and iOS system problem.Invalid SIM or No SIM showing on iPhone, iPad

Fixed: Invalid SIM or No SIM showing on iPhone, iPad: iOS 9, iOS 8

Remove SIM card, Install and Restart Device

One of the leading possible solution is the restart iPhone/ iPad. Otherwise, Turn on Airplane mode and Turn off, this will reset all the configuration and reconfigure again.

SIM tray replaced with other iPhone model

You have an iPhone 6/ 6S or iPhone 6 Plus/ 6S Plus, Might be changed alternatively. First check SIM tray correctly placed/ Fit in that came with your device. Or adjust perfect orientation.

Carrier not available for outside country: Abroad

Carrier Specific Dedicated SIM not stays a live outside the country. You must need to use location based carrier. But Apple SIM allows using same SIM at another country’s carrier if that’s connected with Apple SIM. This Same rule is applicable in different 90 countries over the world.SIM Card No installed on iOS device but not detecting

Try another SIM, Check any hardware issue

Try another SIM on your iPhone/ iPad. If any issue related to your SIM cracked or broken chip might be not connect incoming signal.

Update your Carrier settings and iOS

Make sure about your iPhone/ iPad updated with latest iOS version, Go to the Settings > General > Software Update or About > Carrier. Read more on apple guide

Contact Apple Support and Carrier

Contact apple support center at the nearest regional store. Or connect with online support at here. Else make sure currently Data plan activated on your SIM Number, know from your carrier support center.

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