iOS 10: We must know all About

iOS 10: We must know all About

Apple’s last iOS version is iOS 10 that will run over the year 2017 in all iOS 10 compatible devices. That has been released in Sep 2016 publicly. Here I try to cover Small to major updates in iOS 10. And it became most advanced mobile operating system from the performance, Design, User Experience, iMessage Messaging and more in just one iOS.

See the full features of iOS 10, Technical tips and personal How-to tips that prove your iDevice more challenging compared to others.

Check your current iOS version, and Ready for update iOS using iTunes or WiFi if it is available.

Important iOS 10 features: Major Updates

Main changes in new iOS 10 are, 3D Touch, Redesigned Lock screen – Slide to unlock now press home to unlock, Raise to Wake up, Use of Siri, Control center, Assistive Touch, Background Display, Multitasking, Easy to create note in-app by drag and Drop operation, Customize pre-installed apps – Hide app.

Apple TV Remote App in iOS 10

(Available in App store) Now, Use your iPhone running on iOS 10 for control Apple TV 4, Not only single TV under same WiFi network at home/ office but multiple TVs. Use Apple TV remote app, Watch live events, TV Shows, Movies in new collation recommend by Experts. Also, use the app for play Apple TV game.

Home App

Manage your all smart home & Office electronics accessories from your iPhone very quickly and easily. Easily means now Home kit in Control center. Add device in a home app, differentiate with rooms in your home, Add multiple homes. No complexity, easy to identify your exact device at a glance.


iMessage not just use for simple text, But you can decorate simple text depends on your mood and purpose.

iMessage effect: send your text in different four types animations and Seven background effects. Bubble effects are the invisible ink, Gentle, Send with loud, SLAM. And the Screen effects are Balloons, Confetti, Love heart, Lasers, Fireworks, Shooting Star, and Celebration.

Handwriting text message: Write text using the finger in landscape mode.

Support App and Games: Install iMessage supported Third-party app and game from Message app. And use it to play game in iMessage (8 – 9 Ball pull game treading in iMessage games) or Send Beautiful stickers. Right now we can search most popular games in iMessage app store because it has been ready to use with iMessage text.

Apple pay on Web

Now Apple Pay on the web, most of the store and shopping site integrated this option for iOS and macOS users. You have setup Touch ID on the iOS device; then you can pay with Apple pay via fingerprints.

Note: You must use Safari as a web browser on iOS or Mac.

Photo App

Photo memories are exclusive features, Re-arrange your photo in perfect style and fashion that we can’t manage manually. Make impress to others by view your saved memories vary quickly and in sequence.

Also, cetegorise based on how old your memories are before one, two or three month & Years.

Get a quick preview of old memories with highlighted photos collections.

Control Center

Do more via the control center, Add/ Remove used or unused shortcut (Remove pre-installed Apple apps, Remove clock icon on Remove clock app from Home screen). 3D Touch support in a control center, Change Flesh light intensity Using 3D Touch.

Night Shift mode control directly from the control center.

Siri in iOS 10

Third-party app new support Siri, the App developer can use Siri API in App development. Uber is using Siri support in App.

Aren’t you speak supported international languages comfortably? Yes, Sir not

Before this time Siri only works on Speak you say, But now text also work if you feel Siri didn’t understand your tone or uncomfortable to speak.

Apple Music

Music app is now redesigned, Big layout easier than ever before. Other app functions (Apple music for offline, Create Playlist, find recently played songs) are same but may be surprised or not easy to find the first time.

Apple music now accessible from a control center doesn’t matter on which screen you are on.

Contact App

Redesigned contact app in iOS 10 more easy to access favorite contacts or recent contacts.

Delete Apps

Now, Dreams come true in iOS 10, Not use or ideal app we can hide or remove from a home screen. Simple Press and hold operation. Most unlikely apps are stock apps, iTunes Store, iBooks, Weather, Videos, Watch, iMovie, Podcasts, Numbers, Pages, Music app and many others.

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