Know iOS 10:

Apple’s update new latest iOS, iOS 10 in Year 2016, Not Available for install on compatible all iPhone/ iPad or iPod Touch supported model officially till public release. From the past story and Excitement on new iOS 10 features, we must say this time we will get something special from expectation from millions of Apple’s users over the world. So here I decided to share live updates for all iOS 9 users who willing to try iOS 10 on device and ready in waiting queue when it will publically available in Setting app.

WWDC 2016 Time: 13 Monday, 6 PM BST to 10 AM PDT (Apple officially share iOS 10)

Still yet, on our contentment or Update in iOS 10 possibilities, we note as a confirm for below update on iOS 10 features.iOS 10 Features, New and Updates

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Important iOS 10 features: Major Changes from Rumors

Main changes in new iOS 10 are, Use of Siri, Control center, Assistive Touch, Background Display, Multitasking, Easy to create note in app by drag and Drop operation, Customize pre installed apps – Hide app.

Developer conference is pre-scheduled format by apple since many years. After 13 June 2016 announcement, iOS developers have an enough time for understand new features and update own existing iOS app. So on release publicly iOS 10 with upcoming iPhone 7 is good option for share iOS 10 compatible app to all users. In that, there is a less chance for error or bug in use app.

Rumors on iOS 10, since last one year Confused to everyone, But these are mostly final you will get preview before release for non developer in iOS 10 compatible device.

Siri in iOS 10

Before this time Siri only work on Speak you say, But now text also work if you feel Siri didn’t understand your tone or uncomfortable to speak.

Control Center

Do more in control center, Means re-arrange icon in control center or Add/ Remove used or unused shortcut. 3D Touch support on each icon placed on control center.

HomeKit: Control your most of the home electronics items over the air using siri. Now a day’s most of the Home electronics or personal use accessories are working over the smart device if we have sensor technology. Just like apple Apple watch, Home app works like that.

Night/ Dark mode are now available for all screens and applications in iOS 10. Low blue light continuous to iOS 10 but change in mode more easily with 3D Touch from control center.

Contact App: Redesigned contact app in iOS 10 more easy to access favourite contacts or recent contacts.

Stay touch with for more instant upcoming update on Apple’s new iOS 10 features and Express guide/ Tips.

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