How to Use or Enable iOS 14/13.7/iOS 12.4 Grouped Notifications on iPhone, iPad, MacBook

Last Updated on Nov 20, 2020

Hi guys, how are you! today here I’m with you concern one of the titles of iOS Features and it’s a Grouped Notifications by App. our team tried to survey for what is high priority demand of the current iPhone/iPad users.

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Then we got many Votes from the USA and Britain iOS users they dropped the vote in favor of Group Notifications. Do you know? Why a user would like to get a Group Notifications card by App because of the previous iOS Notifications style is much annoying to find individual App notification through scrolling the entire notification center.

Enable Grouped Notifications on iPhone and iPad

Now, let’s see in deep with an example that how actual Group Notifications will be appearing on the Lock Screen and Home Screen Notification Center.

In iOS 11 notifications Style, if you get alert of Twitter then Whatsapp and then again twitter notification card. Then it arranged a separate Notification card. Therefore, it seems awkward to navigate and read the particular Application’s Notifications.

That’s why user insistence is the Grouped Notifications in the iOS operating system.

Possible Settings to Enable Grouped Notifications

  1. Open Settings App > Tap Notifications > Turn Grouped Notifications On/Green.
  2. Suppose, Apple finally put Grouped Notification in iOS 12, then how will be appearing!

Grouped Notifications by App on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.

Each App notifications will be grouped in a single card by App Wise. Due to this iOS concept users will become happy and can easily navigate.

The Grouped Notification will get all iOS 12 or later Compatible devices list- iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Here’s how to get iOS 12 Beta preview to test iOS Grouped Notifications.

Get More on iOS 14 Features!

How to Enable Group Notifications on MacBook, Mac

The Group Notifications on MacBook is one of the best ways to organize the Notification center. Undoubtedly, this update by Mac is super cool, when it comes to managing and organizing the desktop. While there are few options available, I’d like yo guide through them with a demo that how it can be done.

  1. Navigate to the System Preferences from the Apple menu.
  2. Click Notifications.

    Notifications Settings on System Preferences on macBook Mac

    Notifications Settings on System Preferences on macBook Mac

  3. Find the App from the sidebar, for which you want to turn on Group Notifications.
  4. Now click on Group notifications, and choose from the below options.
    • by app: All the notifications will be grouped by app.

      Short Notification by App on macOS Notification Center

      Short Notification by App on macOS Notification Center

    • automatic: It will bundle all the notifications from particular sender.

      Group By Automatic on mcOS Big Sur Notifications Settings

      Group By Automatic on mcOS Big Sur Notifications Settings

    • off: Disables the group notifications.

      Turn off Notification on macOS Notification Center

      Turn off Notification on macOS Notification Center

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