iOS 16.4: How to Turn Off Siri Suggestions on iPhone Lock Screen

iOS 12 Turn off Siri suggestions on Lock Screen iPhone iPad

If you don’t want to forget any important task, then you shouldn’t turn off Siri’s suggestions on the lock screen and Spotlight Search. It is just like, when you created a note then Siri will remind you to complete that task on time, even on the lock screen. Of course, in case, you don’t want to share your private information, then you should definitely disable Siri’s suggestions on the lock screen on iPhone. Some users feel annoying to see Recently used App or most used Apps that show on lock screen Widget under Siri App Suggestions or On Spotlight Search. Let’s Know How to hide or Turn off Siri Suggestions on iPhone/iPadOS.

We all appreciate Siri’s suggestion while searching for something, apps, and on the keyboard too. At this level, Siri improves and enhances user experience. But still turning off Siri suggestions on the lock screen is a better choice, after all, it is your private information on why to share with others. Isn’t it right?

Turn OFF Siri App Suggestions on the Lock Screen on iPhone and iPad

iOS 12 Turn off Siri suggestions on Lock Screen iPhone iPad

Step #1: Open “Settings” from the home screen.

Step #2: Find and open “Siri & Search”.

Open Setting App then tap Siri and Search to Turn off Siri suggestions iOS 12

Step #3: There, you can turn off “Siri Suggestion on Lock Screen”.

From now, Siri will not suggest anything on the lock screen. If you ever change your mind to switch on Siri suggestions on the lock screen in iOS, then follow the bottom steps and enable Siri suggestion on the lock screen on your iPhone.

Go to Settings App> Navigate and tap Siri & Search> Scroll down the screen till appear Suggestions on Lock Screen>Next, Turn Suggestions on Lock Screen toggle ON/Green.

  • Suggestions in search, Siri Suggest automatically while you open spotlight search on the iPhone screen [Swipe Finger down on iPhone screen]
  • Suggestions in Look Up Lookup on your iOS devices help to find the exact meaning when you are on Safari Webpage, Mail, or Documents. Touch and hold on work that you are looking for the meaning.
  • Suggestions on lock screen: Disable it if you want to hide Siri suggestion on the Lock screen, On the lock screen, you can access this by swiping your finger right to left.

iOS 12 Turn on and Turn off Siri suggestions on Lock Screen iPhone iPad

It’s very easy!

Now, again, you will get Siri’s suggestion which makes in Apps, or when you search using Keyboard and Lookup.

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