Fix iPhone 13 Pro Max Won’t Download Apps on iPhone after iOS Update

1 iOS 12 apps won't download on iPhone and iPad

Get Fix can’t Download Apps iOS 15 Update on iPhone, iPad after Update & Stuck on Loading… App Store is the only source for all Apple devices to download and use new apps and games. At that time iOS users are unable to download apps and stuck download, see what are the causes for iOS Won’t Download Apps on iPhone, iPad. Download goes into pending or loading..[Stuck Mode] in the queue, how to get download app in first from Queue or Multiple downloads running at the same time. Download Progress bar on Button stopped.

The last tutorial we have seen how to Re-download all purchase apps on iPhone or your other Apple Devices (iPad, iPod).

Troubleshooting tips won’t download apps on iPhone, iPad

1 iOS 12 apps won't download on iPhone and iPad

1: Too many Downloads are running simultaneously

Set the Downloading priority using 3D touch if you are downloading multiple apps or backup running in the background. Other Downloading and Uploading processes on your iOS devices is iCloud Photo library sync, Update apps in the background (Disable Auto Update apps), Download App Data from online,

3D Touch Enabled Device use the below steps,

Press and Hold on App icon from the home screen while it is in the download process.

See the 3D touch popup menu options > Prioritize Download.

2 3D Touch options for app on iPhone

Set Download app in priority, still shows no any quick effect then follow the next step.

2: Cancel Download: and Re-Download stuck app

Don’t interrupt the download process by Stop, Push or Start while it is downloading from app store. I am failed personally many times after push download using the 3D touch option showing on from above screen.

Now, Stop and Cancel app download (Touch and Hold on App icon > on 3D Touch Popup > Cancel Download) and update. (See Above Step)

Re-download from the app store. Open App store > Search App name > Tap on Cloud icon (Instead of Download/Get)

3 Re-Download app on iPhone (1)

3: Turn off or Disable Restriction for Installing app

The user can set a restriction on Downloads and install a new app on iPhone and iPad running in iOS. See, installing apps should be Enabled. here’s New Settings Screen Time to enable and disable Restrictions settings.

Go to the “Settings” > Tap “General” > “Restriction” > Enter your iPhone Passcode > Enable “Installing Apps”. After then we can install a new app on a device.

Sign out and Sign in App Store

Open the App Store on your iPhone, Tap on the Profile icon > Scroll down to the bottom end and See the “Sign out” app store.

Sign in again, hope you verified your Apple ID On the app store. If you find “cannot connect app store” when you download and install the app.

4: Check Available Free Storage

Go to the Settings > General > About > Check “Available”. This is the amount of space available to use or install a new app.

Need instant large free space, transfer photo from iPhone to the computer. So you don’t need to delete iBooks, podcasts, and videos. Also, search for important tips on Make Free up space in iOS.

5: Delete or Remove the App Store Cache

We can erase your iPhone memory cache using simple tricks that you should follow. After following steps for the clear cache of the App Store, you can reload the app store and try to start download the app.

6: Delete App

Just like other iOS App delete after jiggle icon, we can not remove the app that is stuck on downloading. So what do we do? Cancel download first, the app will automatically disappear from the home screen. Cancel Download from the app’s 3d touch popup.

Are you unable to download the update for the pre-installed app in iOS? Above Method Doesn’t work then Delete apps in iOS on iPhone and iPad.

4 Unable to install app on iOS 12 after update

7: Turn on Location service

Most of the online apps use location services so you can get important options and internet based on your geo area. Enable Location Service, if the app uses GPS Service. Due to a developer bug, you can get Allow popup for Location service.

Go to the Settings > Privacy > Location Service (Turn on Location Service).

8: Force Close app or Restart/Reboot your iPhone

Double-tap on the home button for the home button iPhone and Swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen iPhone with no home button.  Touch and hold on App that is showing on the multi-tasking screen until you see the red (-) button on the app preview.

Swipe up on app preview, to close all from iPhone.

9: Reset All Settings

Reset all settings move back to the default value of your settings. That auto removes particular app settings, notifications, and more.

Steps to Reset All Settings for iOS 15 and Later Version

  1. Go to the “Settings” app
  2. Tap “General
  3. Find and open tap “Transfer or Reset iPhone”
  4. Tap “Reset
  5. Lastly tap on “Reset All Settings”reset-all-settings-on-iphone-ios-15
  6. For security reasons, you will be asked to enter the iPhone Passcode.
  7. Tap Confirm Reset All Settings.
  8. After that iPhone will reboot.

Steps to Reset All Settings For iOS 14 and Earlier Version

Go to the “Settings” > “General” > “Reset” > “Reset All Settings”. Enter the passcode and go for Reset all the settings.

Extra Dose: Contact the Apple Support center and Fix your App Cannot download apps problems and other iOS problems with free help and guide. also, contact the apple developer if your app won’t launch and App doesn’t support after the iOS update.

Apple Watch app suddenly is gone and unable to find, See the app details on app store page.

Cheer and enjoy your bug-free iPhone/iPad. That helpful on your iOS won’t download apps on iPhone, iPad.

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