iOS 13 features List

iOS 13.5.1 Hidden Features #WWDC19 and Compatible Devices List

When will iOS 13 release officially for iPhone and iPad (Rename – iPadOS)? That’s a big question across the globe. Every Apple fan is looking for what changes they will get in the newest iOS 13, what are the improvements and much more. Probably you are wondering what will be the significant changes in iOS 13; then you have landed to the right page.

The iOS 13 will be unveiled in coming fall of 2019, and possibly you will get iOS 13 officially on your iPhone and iPad in autumn. Let’s find out what the expected features of iOS 13 are?

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iOS 13 Features List: Preview Show off on Stage WWDC 2019

#1. Dark Mode in iOS 13

New System-wide Dark Mode iOS 13 has brought the drastic change in the UI, means the whole screen is getting the newest black and dark gray color instead of bright white and light grey when you enable Dark Mode. All the first party apps including a control center and notification bar support the Dark Mode.

Dark Mode will be very helpful when you will use your iPhone during night times. Like macOS, users have experienced the Dark Mode in macOS Mojave, and people really appreciate Dark Mode in MacBook. Hence you are likely to get Dark Mode in iOS 13; it will reduce the battery consumption as well as convenient to use at night.

#2. Portrait Lighting Control [All New Photos Tabs]

Now in specific iPhone models, iOS 13 adds a new tool for portrait photos edit called Portrait Lighting Control.  in brief, you can Create a look of pictures that you want by changing the intensity of light in Portrait Lighting.

This toggle will be available on iPhone XS, XS Max, XR and new iPhones of 2019.

Another thing is “High‑Key Mono”. Users will have the ability to Add a beautiful monochromatic effect to its Portrait mode photos.

All new Photos App tabs that you can see in below video. Tap on the video to play and get more information which was shot on my iPhone X.

#3. Announce Messages on AirPods

Virtual assistance Siri can now read incoming messages aloud. So you don’t have to stop what you’re doing to pick up your phone.

Audio Sharing with AirPods
iOS 13 installed device eligible to Pair two sets of AirPods to one iPhone and enjoy the same song or movie along with a friend.

#4. Sign In with Apple

Now, you can use Apple ID anywhere to sign up or log in. No need to fill the details or enter the password, simply select Sign in with Apple and use Touch ID or Face ID, to configure.

#5. Maps

Maps in iOS 13 are redesigned to deliver you the realistic view of beaches, roads, buildings, parks, and more. Watch the exact location across the US sitting at your home. Maps are integrated with CarPlay to show you the easiest route.

#6. Siri

Siri’s got a new voice, but unless you install iOS 13, it is difficult to express how beautiful the voice is. Apple has used advanced neural text-to-speech technology to make Siri more realistic. Siri can help you read the incoming messages loudly so you don’t have to pick the iPhone to read the text.

#7. Message App

No one has ever thought that Apple will allow you to change the Display Name and Display Picture on Messages app, but here it is. Control who can see your Name and photo on Messages app, in the Messages app. Type messages with QuickPath Typing, that means swipe from one letter to another and iPhone will type the word for you.

#8. Performance

As Apple said in WWDC19, the Face ID has even 30% faster compared to iOS 12. The application size will be smaller, hence apps quickly launch with 2X speed.

#9. Memoji Stickers

All New Way to Create Custom memoji Stickers in iOS 13 running iPhone XR, XS Max, XS, and iPhone X. Let’s watch the video,

Apple next-generation iOS 13 brings three more Animoji Stickers to Message app, Cow, Mouse, and Octopus. Create unique Memoji Stickers and animated Memoji Stickers with TrueDepth Camera of iPhone X series. Numerous categories like Brows, Hairstyles, Eyelids, Eyewear’s etc have been added in iOS 13.

#10. App Store

App Store has major change because the Update Tab in iOS 13 is missing, it is moved to the profile section of the App Store. Instead, Apple Arcade will make your day with 100+ newly added games which are available free to play without single ads and there is no need for internet connection too, as it can be played offline.

#11. Mail App

iOS 13 extended the Mail app features to provide ease while using the Mail app. What you have got in the Mail app? Multicolored flags, Block Sender, Desktop-class formatting, Extended Menu reply, New format bar, Updated address autocomplete, Font Support, Updated Photo Selector and much more.

#12. Health App

This time Health App is dedicated to the women. It’s easier for them to gain insight into their menstrual cycle and period prediction. They can get the overall picture of their health including past records.

#13. Text Editing

With your fingertips, you can quickly copy and paste the text. No need to long press the text area to copy or paste the text. Use your three fingers and pinch up to copy whereas pinch down to paste. It will only work if you are using three fingers.

#14. Swipe Keyboard

Earlier we used to download third-party keyboard for our convenience and some of the users were bored of using the same Apple Keyboard. The most popular third-party keyboard app are Google Gboard, Swype, etc. But with iOS 13, Apple has upgraded its default keyboard and added the new swiping keyboard. Apple has given a unique name to this keyboard, “Quick Path” Keyboard. Hope you will enjoy this tiny update in iDevices.

#15. Apple CarPlay

Apple is not focusing much on CarPlay from the past few years, but with iOS 13 you will see the brand new face of CarPlay. We don’t know what are the specific changes you will get in CarPlay, hope for the best.

#16. Improved Home Screen

Do you remember a new home screen was the most popular rumor of iOS 12 and almost it was going to release in iOS 12? Unfortunately, it wasn’t released because Apple was busy focusing on exceptional performance and system stability. Expectedly interface can change for both iPhone and iPad in iOS 13.

#17. Live Photo

Apple plans to increase the seconds of Live Photos from three seconds to six seconds. If the duration of Live Photo gets doubled, that’s not bad at all.

in advance, there are quite new tools to Edit a Video in iOS 13 on iPhone and iPad without iMovie. let’s see bottom video how to Crop, rotate, set ratio, flip video screen in iOS without jailbreak.

#18. Revamped Files App (Always on Display)

There are no specific details we got on what will be the new changes in lock screen notifications. This feature is popularly known by the name Always On Display.

#19. Cross Platforms

The iOS 12 and macOS Mojave are equipped with the capabilities of using the apps on both platforms. So this framework includes apps such as Voice Memos, Stocks and Home. These three apps you can use on your iPhone as well as on Mac. Hopefully, this functionality will be broadened in iOS 13.

There are few more most awaited features such as refreshed Apple Music, Quick access to System functions such as Wi-Fi, and the last but not the least Split Screen.

#20. Safari Hidden Features

There are numbers of latest Safari features spotted in iOS 13 public beta. all new iOS 13 safari hidden features you can watch in the bottom video. And I know you are very keen to get these all functions on your daily driver but you will have to wait till coming fall 2019.

in iOS 13 and newer, User will take Full Web page screenshot and easy to edit using makeup.

When will iOS 13 be released?

Apparently, iOS 13 Final Public versiton OTA update will be going to release in coming Fall 2019. When will iOS 13 beta come out? At the time of iOS 13 beta available for developers. In the month of July public beta also released, and lastly, the final stable version will release on September with the all-new iPhone and iPad.

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Which iPhone and iPad will support iOS 13?

Here’s the list of the iPhone and iPad that may run on iOS 13, This time iOS 13 Compatibility Device list is quite confusing and might be changed at last Moment of Apple’s last Keynote.

Here’s iOS 13 Supported Device list

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