iOS 17.1.1/14: How to Use App Clips on iPhone

🗓️ November 10, 2020 By ✍️ Jaysukh pateliOS 14’s App Clip is debatably the best fabrication of large applications, from now on you don’t need to install the entire application just to use one feature of the app. The App Clips will work with all the iOS 14 compatible devices, among all the hidden features of iOS 14, the App Clips takes the first spot. We can say it is a subset of the application that offers certain features, for instance, if you want to book an Uber, then use the App Clip and once you are done with it, the App Clip will stay out of your way, the same is applicable for ordering a pizza or booking a table at a restaurant.

The App Clips is useful when your iPhone is running out of space or you don’t have enough Cellular Data to download the app, as simple as that. Continue to read and learn what is App Clip in iOS 14 and How to Use App Clips in iPhone iOS 14.

What are App Clips on iPhone and How to Use App Clips?

How Do App Clips Work?

App Clips resembles a part of the app that can be accessed by scanning QR Code, NFC Tag, by a Link or Apple’s custom radial QR Code. Instead of installing the application from the App Store, use the browser version of App via App Clips. Though App Clips can provide only one or two features at once, and of course, uses the iPhone’s storage, and most importantly with App Clips, everything is temporary.

Once you are done with using the App Clip, it can be removed from the iPhone, no need to clutter the iPhone App Library. It can be used as many times as you want, for the same purpose, until unless you delete it from iPhone.

Where Can I Use the App Clips?

It’s up to the developers of the applications, for which feature they want to make App Clips. While launching iOS 14, Apple said that mostly you can use the App Clips to reserve a table at your favorite restaurant, book a ride, pay using NFC, control HomeKit enabled devices and other social websites.

The App Clips can also be used to pay using Apple Pay, you don’t need to enter the Credit Card details, just tap on Pay with Apple Pay, also sign in to various apps and websites is even easier via Sign in with Apple button.

Where does the App Clips Store on iPhone?

The iOS 14 brought several changes to iPhone Home Screen, the App Library is one of them. When you swipe the iPhone’s Home Screen to the last, you’ll find the applications categorized in numerous cards.

All the App Clips will be available in the App Library, as no one wants to clutter their home screen.

How to Use App Clips on iOS 14 iPhone?

Using App Clips isn’t rocket science, Apple itself revealed several ways to add App Clips on iPhone, including QR Code, from NFC Tag, from the Apple Maps, right in iMessage Conversations, and more. Once can share App Clips with you in iMessage Chats, from there tap Open and start using App Clips.

In addition, adding App Clips depends on what’s your purpose behind using App Clip. Like, while exploring nearby restaurants in the Maps app, App Clips can book you a table, from Safari app App Clip, can book a ride or take an appointment to flight, touch the iPhone to NFC Tag to pay using Apple Pay and more.

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