iOS 16.1.2 Developer Beta 2 Problems & Fixes for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Last Updated on Jan 7, 2022

Apple rolling out the 15th seed Beta operating system for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch Developers called iOS 15. These new iOS come up with awaited features, improved performance, and stability. but, along with brand new features, it also brings certain glitches and bugs for iDevice users. Since that, we have prepared a list of Common iOS 15.2 Developer Beta 3 Problems and Solutions.

You can see below the full list of iOS 15.2 Beta 3 issues and their Fixes for free. I Hope, this right way will help you to resolve the bug with the correct suggestion on what to do if problems often occur.

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iOS 15.2 Developer Beta Problems and its Solutions

Here you can read Apple iOS and iPadOS 15 beta 3 release notes

What’s new in iOS 15 Beta 3

Safari Search – When you tap into a URL bar on a Safari tab, the interface for entering another URL or a search term has been relocated to above the keyboard. Previously, it was located at the top of the start page. The search interface has also been streamlined.

Safari Reload – There’s now an option to long-press on a floating tab bar to initiate a reload, which is an alternative to using the built-in menu option.

Safari Updates for iPadOS 15 – Apple is planning to add Safari updates to a future version of ‌iPadOS 15‌

App Store Splash Screen – splash screen that highlights new features available in the ‌App Store‌

Focus Updates – Apple has removed the Focus Status and Phone Calls options from the main interface

Apple Music Widget – now changes color and art based on the individual song that’s playing rather than using album art.

Resetting iPhone Option – the “Reset” button for the ‌iPhone‌ is now “Transfer or Reset ‌iPhone‌.”

Shortcuts Changes

Source- MacRumors

iOS 15.2 Beta 3 and iPadOS 15.2 beta 3 Problems and Solutions

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  1. GPS fix needs a long time (4-10 minutes) after leaving the house.

  2. my phone is totally messed up with the beta. It will randomly open apps on its own, scroll through things, click on things, you name it. My keyboard when I try to type a certain letter it will click both letters on the side of the letter I want, its SUPER annoying and takes a very long time to correct.

  3. Hey, is there an issue with the headphones mode in iOS 12? I’m on the beta but my iPhone 6 Plus is stuck in headphones mode. Can anyone help me out?

  4. I have no hotspot . I need it for work. Please come out with hot spot ASAP please.
    My job depends on it ??

  5. My Apple Watch woundnt show contact names in texts. Switched back to 11.4 and now works.

  6. iPencil will not work for apps only the home button

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