iOS 16.5 Features, Supported Device List, Release Date

Like every other year, Apple will release newer iOS, iPadOS, iPhones, iPod Touch iPad, MacBook, etc. However, the release timeline may vary, but surely plenty is coming this year. The developers are already preparing the next iteration of iOS, which might be called iOS 17, and soon there will be a beta version available for download, at least for the developers. If you’re having iPhone 8 Series or iPhone SE 1st, Gen, you might have guessed there will be no support for the latest iOS below iPhone 7 series.

If we backtrack the history of iOS and iPhones, with iOS 16, Apple would have been already revoked the support for iOS 15, but don’t know what occurred, Apple decided to give support for the one last time, and luckily iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone SE (1st Gen) received the iOS 14 updates. However, this time it won’t be happening.

iOS 16 Features List, Compatible Devices, Release Date

iPadOS 16.2 Stable Version Release Date

when will ios 16.2 come out? Apple’s next latest ios 16.2RC released. So for public users, iOS 16.2 will be available on Mid of December 2022.

iOS 16 Supported Device List

Not to mention, the older iPhone will be cast off out of the iOS 16 supported device list due to the outdated A9 processor, but still, there’s a long list of devices that are going to get the juice of iOS 16.

iPhone 8

iPhone 8 Plus

iPhone X

iPhone XR

iPhone XS

iPhone XS Max

iPhone SE (2nd Generation)

iPhone 11

iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 11 Pro Max

iPhone 12

iPhone 12 Mini

iPhone 12 Pro

iPhone 12 Pro Max

iPhone 13 Series

iPhone 14 Series

iOS 16 Features (Expected)

While the iOS 15 is months away, there’s still a rumor or say expectation that Apple might fulfill in the next update. We’ve gathered some of the best iOS 15 features that Apple might release with iOS 15.

Allowing to Change Default Apps

Out of nowhere, iOS 14 brought some of the best features that users have been asking for for years, like allowing users to set their own default Apps, Mail, and Browser App successfully got these updates. Meaning, if you’re running iOS 14.0.1 or higher version, you can change the default browser and mail app on your iPhone. In iOS 15, we’re expecting the same for the Messaging, Calendar, or any other apps.

Presentation Mode in FaceTime

When we look at the most popular, downloaded, and used apps of 2020, Zoom and Skype top the list. The pandemic taught us so much to work from home, operate with full functionality, and many more things. Without Zoom and Skype, there won’t be any business meetings or anything to grow or run. Later the Google released the Meet App, which has the same features.

Apparently, Apple’s FaceTime still beats the other video calling and video conferencing apps but lacks the presentation option. So, if presentation mode comes to FaceTime, it would be great for the users who want to stick around the Apple ecosystem.

Widgets on Lock Screen

Home Screen Widgets was a big dream for iPhone users until iOS 14 was introduced. The first major default applications got this update, and soon the third-party applications started updating their apps regarding the same. However, right now, the Widgets are limited to the Home Screen.

With Home Screen Widgets, you don’t need to navigate all the way down to the applications to check something. Still, you need to unlock the device and get the hands-on Widgets; what if Apple lets you access the widgets from the lock screen itself? Then, there won’t be any need to unlock and waste the battery.

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