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🗓️ November 10, 2020 By ✍️ Jaysukh patelNow iOS 9 (iOS 9 Features announced by Apple) feel fantastic experience on different iOS devices (iPhone, iPad). So you can use your device efficiently and get maximum usage of your device when you use in daily life. Some of the features are new, and some are an improvement that will meet your requirement on high performance. Changes in iOS 9 are added as inbuilt apps (News, Passbook renamed with Wallet, Multitasking), and update comes with Notes, Maps, Wallets, CarPlay and Very superior delight features make you easy for work for professional and Business use.

Here you will know all the updates about iOS 9 Features announced by Apple official. No longer wait for the experience this new iOS 9 upgrades in your iOS 9 compatible device in this fall. You should bookmark the page where you can download iOS 9 directly through the online source at first from here.iOS 9 Features announced by apple for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Great iOS 9 Features announced by Apple in WWDC15 with iPhone, iPad

A different experience you will get on iOS 9, least finger tap on the screen will improve battery life, and performance. Mostly apple cover improvement in iOS 9 with Siri, Maps, Multitasking, Apps API, and Security.

Apps updates and features in iOS 9

News App: redesigned

Now your favorite interesting news in your news app, by adding into favorite news channel. With this, you can get fresh content for journalism and News readers. In the news article, you can get HD picture albums, Fun animations and video streaming about sports, Weather and Technology in just single tap and swipe left for next article.

Notes: Added awesome tools

Notes app update in iOS 9Best viewing note in the correct format, so you can manage your job correctly when you reopen it, like access URL link, Checklist on multiple options, Add a photo with drag and drop.

On autosave features in iCloud you can access all the notes on all devices. Directly add a photo from camera, Do hand signature.

Maps: Accuracy now improved in iOS 9

Over the last year, 5 Billion requests came in this year. 3.5X time higher compared to last month. Now through Map, you can find the nearest Bus, Subway station, Ferry on step by step direction with the time stamp.

Not only road But underground bypass shortcuts will save your time and money, with Entry/ Exit and Walk in the distance. In China, you can track the nearest Store where you can pay apple pay. Great improvement added in Map app on your iPhone, iPad and Mac Devices.

Passbook renamed With Wallet

Through Wallet, You can pay with Apple pay and other branded card with rewards facility comes in DD Perks, JCPenney, Kohl’s Charge and other thousands of firms with more security.


Relay useful change as a big UI display, the Wireless connection you can use car play.

Improve productivity on iPad: Split View, Slide-Over, Picture on Picture for Multitask

Do smart works in your iPad Air 2, Side by Side visible app feel batter without switch apps? With multitasking, you can do it.

Slide Over: Launch the second app in side view in great UI for easy to access it. In message app, you can send the message when you are working on the browser, Send a picture, Link URL with drag and send.

Split View: This view divide device’s screen in two equal partitions, after that you can resize or customize.

New in iOS 11: How to Split View and Slide over on iPad.

Picture in Picture: When you are watching video or FaceTime, In single press on home button you can move it at below corner and can continue other parallel work on iPad at the same time.

QuickTime: new in iOS 9 Features announced by Apple

QuickTime for Keyboard in iOS 9Make your iPad keyboard into the trackpad. Move your two finger slide up, and Key will be invisible, Now you are on the trackpad. And Easy to Cut, past, Move operation on iPad screen with TrackPad.

Siri: Now more intelligence with Siri result

Improved siri features in iOS 9Now, with Siri, you can browse photo, Videos with date and Event (Trip, Birthday party). Set the reminder and Ask a question that’s you have a query. Also get the result from Mail App, Notes app and more. Find Mathematical calculation and Conversion, Get stock price and more.

Smart Search:   

Bing search for easy to find relevant People from Contacts, Content from installed apps, near the place for Drink, Food, and Shopping. You can move search from home screen and Easily move to back with deep linking.

The Big one: Music, Get unlimited music globally over the radio on the lock screen.

And more in iOS 9, Longer battery life with Sensor and New low power mode. Small upgrade, not more GBs space requires comparing to past released iOS.  Faster and more UI responsive screen make feel good for iOS 9 users and App developers. Amazing iOS 9 Features announced by Apple, that will care you and your iOS device.

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