iPad Audio not Working on FaceTime Call– Here’s Fixes

Are you coming with an issue of iPad Audio not working on FaceTime Call. Please refer here given troubleshooting and get fix for iPad Air, iPad Pro, mini.

There are many iPad users are reporting their problem regarding low sound quality after upgrade iOS package. Several iPad fans addressed that the iPad Audio is not working on FaceTime Call. So get here workaround for no sound or can’t hear during FaceTime or audio call on iPad.

You should check that no obstacles around your iPad microphone or speaker. If any debris or your finger on it, please remove it and try again. Everything ready to make FaceTime calls but your problem is as it is. Go with the beneath given guide to fix it.

Take given actions to fix iPad Audio not working on FaceTime

how to fix iPad Audio not Working on FaceTime Call

Are you feeling iPad Unclear sound? We offer here workarounds steps by steps though follow it and get good sound quality back on your iPad. The best solution for iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad Pro, iPad.

Fix 1. Remove headphone plug into the iPad headset port

Any accessory plugged into the iPad headphone jack though please remove it to hear sound loudly.

Let’s see an example, while headphone connected to the headphone jack then you can’t receive volume on iPad speaker.

Fix 2. Restart your iPad

To Restart iPad, gently Press and hold the Sleep/wake button until you see the red slider. Drag the slider to do iPad reboot. After that, to start iPad again press and hold sleep/wake button until appearing Apple Logo.

Restart your iPad Air, ipad pro, iPad mini

Now enter the passcode and launch the audio app to check out volume level. Hope this would fix your issue. Even you persist the same problem; please go to the next step.

Fix 3. Check out your iPad Firmware – it must be the latest version.

SettingsGeneralSoftware Update.

If available any update on update it on Wi-Fi.

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Fix 4. Remove screen protectors or cases/ covers that cover the microphone, iSight mic, or your iPad receiver.

Tried above all fixes but none of the ways worked in your case (iPad Audio not working on FaceTime Call) during FaceTime or Siri doesn’t hear you. Contact Apple Support.

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