iPhone 5/5S Portenzo Case Review: Enjoy a custom case

🗓️ November 10, 2020 By ✍️ Jaysukh patelIf you’re a new Apple iPhone 5/5S owner and looking for a custom handmade leather case. Then lets me, I’ll give you my own experiences of cases here. I got two different style and materials iPhone 5/5S cases from the Portenzo hand-crafted cases maker. Before started the story (iPhone 5/5S Portenzo Case Review) I will give you a brief intro about Portenzo,

Portenzo is a firm that makes Apple’s iOS device (iPhone, iPad) hand-crafted case in the USA which is located at St. Louis, MO, USA. It makes high quality and durable leather Alano cases as well hardback cases for iPhone, iPad. You can buy elegant look Portenzo case by giving online order at Portenzo official online store. It sells their worth product globally. So you can do order from anywhere in the World.

iPhone 5/5S Portenzo Case Review: Alano Wallet leather case

Alano wallet leather case with frame for iPhone 5/5S is a great one. Really through Portenzo Alano Wallet leather case my iPhone 5 stays very safe inside in a pack. It gives an amazing look Interior-outer the pocket and very handy to install iPhone into the frame case. If I talking about how made and easy to use it? Then it comes with four slots to place credit card, debit card and same size card and one big room that offer space to keep few dollar bills or a little fold paper.good iPhone 5 Portenzo Case Review

Inside durable leather segment has been stitched from the good material thread using special tools. So Interior look is much pretty with them individual slots is designed using a similar plastic stuff. On other side comes built-in magnetic frame to hold my iPhone 5/5s. I could handily convert this case into a stand to watching movies, videos etc. iPhone 5/5S Portenzo Case ReviewIt seems crafted from a standard plastic frame with a magnet element so that it gives enough energy to grip my iPhone closely. In the end, I can close my iPhone 5/5S leather case using a durable Elastic belt.

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Moreover, I’m so happy using this embossing text Portenzo case reason; I could access my iPhone 5/5S all ports, controls, and buttons without removing the case. So especially recommend Alano leather case.Apple iPhone 5 Portenzo Case Review guide

iPhone 5/5S Portenzo Case Review: Custom Hardback case

Portenzo custom Hardback case: with Alano leather case I’ve also been using Portenzo frameless hardback iPhone 5S case. It’s a chipset than Alno leather case. But according to your fancy choice cost may be raised. It’s made from book-bound materials. So inside the case, there are two 3M Grip strips on that I could hold my iPhone easily. That’s it.

You’ll make the order this custom hardback case from this http://www.portenzo.com/.

Thanks to all skillful hand team members (Lucy, Darin, Sarah, Heather, Jimmy, Kevin, Raymond, Doug, Hope, Mary, and Ben) of Portenzo. Keep it up your progress.

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