Trick to Take Good Quality Photo in low-light on Your iPhone

1 lens arrangement in new iPhone models

Take a natural quality photo using your iPhone at low light or dark area without flash. But some hidden features that we must know, most people are not using or forgot. Are you not a photographer and not using iPhone/ iPad camera regularly then first try the below settings to capture precious photo quality officially,

How to Repair cracked iPhone screen and Want to repair

Choose device for fix screen issue

Without the case and screen protector on your iOS device (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch), Unfortunately, many folks raise big problem on screen, So you want to repair cracked iPhone screen, Broken screen from iPhone, After a long time scratched screen or damage screen due to overweight and hard knock. iCracked has perfect solutions on

Setup and Enable Two Step Authentication on Tumblr iPhone app

Two step authentication on Tumblr on iPhone, iPad

People are using Tumblr for the multipurpose and special professions (Designers, Artists, Musicians, Comedians, Thinkers, firemen, Architects and Fun). It’s hence that stumble done the stunning job for all types of media files (Videos, Audio, Gifs, Text, Photos).  So all shared data is very important for all, no one can think what can be do

How to Find MAC Address on iPhone: iPhone mac address change

2 Find iPhone Mac Address

Mac Address on iPhone is uniques number for identifying the device for any purpose like collect device info, Security for the developers and more. MAC (media access control) is nothing but a 12 character ID which is assigned to identify your iPhone or iPad on the network. The network function which requires MAC address is