You should know iPhone 8 Wireless Charging Concept: Rumors

Rumours of the iPhone 8 Wireless Charging 2017

Here’s round-up of the Apple iPhone Wireless charging, so how will look new iPhone 8. In last week we have seen iPhone 8 Design concept, iPhone 8 Price, and release date. Now here we are going to look on the iPhone 8 Wireless charging concept. Apple iPhone 8 probably has Wireless charging, but it will

New iOS 10 Features available on iPhone/ iPad/ iPod touch

New iOS 10 features showcase for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Upcoming release of new version on iOS is iOS 10 that you feel surprised. And unveiled already on June 13, 2016 with lots of new features and changes in user interface from Control center, Notification center, Annoying Apps (Home Kit apps, Stock App) and Home screen customizations, Inside app UI, 3D touch improvements and many

How to turn on/ Enable Two Step Authentications for FaceTime & iMessage

enable Two Step Authentications for FaceTime & iMessage how to

From this article, you can Learn Apple’s new concept. Regarding of Two step verification on iMessage and FaceTime app, how to enable two step authentications for FaceTime & iMessage Account. In past, Apple was published in 2013, two Step verification for iTunes and Apple ID.  Additional, login bring extra protection layer against hackers for Apple’s

Best Free Movie Apps for iPhone and iPad for 2020

Best Free Movie Apps for iPhone and iPad

When you Google for best free movie apps for streaming or best free movie apps for iPhone & iPad it will give a huge list of them some will work, or some might show error. If you’re crazy about watching movies and TV shows then definitely these apps will help you to find what you

Best iPhone Apps for Depth Effect, Blur Effect of 2020

5 iPhone app for Depth effect or Blur effect

Primary features in new iPhone 7/ iPhone 8 series camera quality and Technology that meet your DSLR camera use. In that some favorite and fantastic camera mode big update for photography lovers. I’m one of them, so I try to give the humble suggestion for those who have an old iPhone model and want a