Fix iPhone X/ iPhone 8 (Plus)/ iPhone 7 (Plus) won’t connect or not showing up in iTunes, Doesn’t Recognize

iTunes is an only single interface for all Apple fans to move any kind data. That’s work for all Apple device and Your Desktop or Mac. In that, some of the facing the very serious problem like iTunes crash while open, iPhone X/ iPhone 8 (Plus)/ iPhone 7 (Plus) won’t connect or not showing up in iTunes, taking too long time to detect in iTunes. So, millions of people are moved to third-party software or Tools, But not use all the time. You must have to fix this problem in alternate ways.

Here I identify common problem and mistakes that we should repair first, then balm to apple. Otherwise, all the things are beautiful for you.

Steps for iPhone X/ iPhone 8 (Plus)/ iPhone 7 (Plus) not showing Up in iTunes: After iOS 11 upgrade

1 iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone 7 Plus not showing in iTunes fixed


Update iTunes: Install iTunes version should be Up to date with the latest version. Check on Mac iTunes > Check for Updates or on Windows Help > Check for Updates.


First, unlock your device screen using Touch ID or Password and Accept trust on a connected system, Tap on Accept from Verification popup on iDevice.


Check USB cable working, Connect Another device or Try with another USB lightning cable.


Restart (Press and hold Sleep/ Wake button until you show apple logo) or Force Restart (Press and Hold Sleep/ Wake + Home button until you show apple logo). iPhone 7 Plus Forceretart (Press and Hold Sleep/ Wake + Volume down button) has also been changed Mac/ PC and iDevice

To Force Reboot iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus or later –

  1. Press and Quickly Release Volume Up button,
  2. Press and Quickly Release Volume Down Button,
  3. Press and Hold Side Button until you see the apple logo on Screen.

To Start iPhone, Again press Side button until Startup apple logo on the screen.


Repeating the same problem in Future again and again contact apple support in store.


Windows PC: Check Apple mobile device Driver installed on the system. Find “Device Manager” from the Bottom box, Under Universal Serial Bus controller > Apple Mobile Device USB Driver. If you found down arrow there, first update mobile device Driver manually.


Check USB Driver on Mac: From Top menu click on Apple Logo with Hold down the Option key. Select USB from side pane, Under USB device Tree check iPhone is showing in the tree. If not then contact apple support.

3 USB recognize while connect iPhone 7 to iTunes

More troubleshooting and help will be updated here on iPhone X/ iPhone 8 (Plus)/ iPhone 7 (Plus) not showing up in iTunes while connecting over USB.