All About iPhone 7 Pictures, Price, Release Date in rumors

here I am not criticism about new upcoming iPhone 7 after iPhone 6C. So I tried to present fact story for iPhone fans, who are willing to know which technology, features, iOS version, Accessories/ Body customization? apple should be added in next generation after last released iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus, 3d touch technology. see iPhone 7 Pictures, Roundup, Features new thoughts on Apple’s new technology like 3D Touch. 3D touch appreciated by all iPhone 6S/ 6S/ 6S Plus users with 3D Touch specially.

iPhone 7 Pictures, Rumors on Price, Release Date and Features

Taiwanese web posted new leaked iPhone 7 backlight photo, there you can see LED backlight and 3D touch chip assembled for iPhone 7. So, iPhone 7 will have 3D touch mostly confirm. Also new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus like slimmest gadgets with side touch button control.iPhone 7 news and Price, Release DateFinale iPhone 7 design and specificationiPhone 7 Pictures in rumors and leak

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Now big rumor is rolling out on headphone jack, Might be after customization in iPhone 7 design, apple indeed go with remove headphone jack for this time, So some hardware portion could be free up from space and weight, Then it will be allocate in battery size and performance as well. At the other end, Headphone or Music Devices manufacturers are preparing your device as a best performer in that case, So longer battery life is important. One question is also arising in that case, Apple will give headphone or not? Let’s see, What you say?

iPhone 7 will have longer battery life; large storage capacity, From the rumors apple would give 31000 mAh battery in new iPhone 7.

MyDriver point on storage capacity, Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus would have 250 GB built in storage capacity. Good news for music lovers and video makers, Totally frustrated with 16 to 32 GB storage capacity.

iPhone 7 with iOS 10

Some updates will be made in iCloud Drive (save Media file to Drive), Compress iOS firmware size and much more we have been seen from past many years. Still iPhone 7 Pictures in rumors like amazing but let’s see, What would be in actual device; We can’t say about apple.

Release Date: Release month would be September 2016. (Date is not fixed – Although date should be 16th or 23rd according to past history)

Okay, See you soon with more updates on Apple iPhone 7 pictures, Features, Price and Release date. Till then keep visiting us and share with us if you found new update.

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