iPhone 7/ iPhone 7 Plus Touch Screen Unresponsive – How to Fix?

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020

Apple iPhone 7/ iPhone 7 Plus comes with same pixel density as in the standard retina display of the iPhone 6S plus and as like as XP-Pen IPS display artist tablet. It gives excellent experience with a multi-touch display with IPS technology. Also, built-in 3D touch to fetch app functions in a shortcut. All is right, but sometimes the iPhone touch screen’s sensitivity takes aggressive form and doesn’t responding or works slowly. If you’ve new iPhone 7 with iOS 11 after the update, what to do? Don’t worry. Here are useful assets that can be very useful to resolve iPhone 7 Plus touch screen not working. There are to be several reasons behind the iPhone 7/ iPhone 7 plus touch screen unresponsive.

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A stuck or unresponsive screen can fix by the following solutions. Let’s just try gently and get back your phone touch screen flawlessly.

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Ultimate Guide How to Fix iPhone 7/ iPhone 7 Plus Touch Screen Unresponsive

Guide to fix iPhone 7 Plus Touch Screen Unresponsive iOS 10

Fix 1. Remove your iPhone Screen protectors and Protective Case

For the worth iPhone’s touchscreen protection almost users gumming Screen protector and wrap its phone with the protective case. Hence sometimes unsupported and nasty protector creates extra hurdle and as a result of your iPhone touch screen not working or meanwhile doesn’t responding or slowly in your working task.

So make sure that you don’t have any solid object firmly on your iPhone, move protectors and case to see touchscreen working or not.

Fix 2. Take soft and lint-free cloth and clean the screen.

Fix3. Plug out your iPhone

Unplug your iPhone 7/ iPhone 7 Plus, if it’s plugged in charging mode or with Mac/PC. And then try to use or typing on the iPhone keyboard. If the same problems occurred then keep continue solutions.

 Fix 4. Try to force restart iPhone 7/ iPhone 7 Plus.

After tried above mentioned all ways, however, still iPhone 7 Plus Touch Screen Unresponsive /doesn’t respond phone screen then contact Apple support or you should take your iPhone to your nearest Apple retail store or authorized Apple service provider.

Don’t Forget to check out 3D touch settings of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

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