iPhone 7 without headphone jack [Rumors]

iPhone 7 without headphone jack 2016 rumors

The iPhone fans are thinking about that what Apple will bring out in its next series iPhone lineup 2016. Tech giant Apple’s next generation iPhone 7 rumors flying in the Air. We don’t know you care about the next iPhone bit the company may eliminate headphone jack on its new phone. So today, we are

Best Power Banks for iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7

EC technology high capacity power bank for iPhone 7

There are many iPhone 7 Plus battery cases available in the market, on another side, many of the iPhone users are chooses an alternative source and its Power bank. The External Power Juice pack storage works like as you could use the external hard drive to store data. Just differ is that the Power bank

Best iPhone 7 Armbands – Stay Connected While You Work Out

Apple iPhone 7 Armband case

If you want to keep your brand new iPhone 7 with you while you workout. Then a big question is where to put the iPhone to make sure that it’s safe as well comfortable, accessible and not slowing down. For that, you should create a suitable environment to handle your cell phone hands-free. There are