iPhone 7 vs Galaxy S8 | iPhone 7 Plus vs Galaxy S8 Plus in 2023 [Infographic]

infographics iPhone 7 and Galaxy S8 image

The World is going fast with technology day today. In all technologies, the considerable part has been taking over by the Smartphone technology. If we are talking about smartphones, then there are many brands stuff features smart handset available in the market. But, did you know which smartphones have full features facilities? Means provides tracking health data, mobile payment (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay), etc. lets a close look insight given world’s two flagship Smartphones Comparison – Apple iPhone 7 vs. Galaxy S8 and big phablet.

The big difference between both is only a display. Yes, you guys, you can justify at a glance whenever you are watching Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7 Plus on-hand. Samsung Galaxy has a 5.8’’ AMOLED display, on other hands iPhone 7 – 4.7’’ screen build-up from LED-backlight IPS LED. So really, Users will get a killer plus different viewing experience between these two Smartphones.


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Complete Visual Information at a glance Between iPhone 7 vs Galaxy S8

infographics iPhone 7 and Galaxy S8 image

Galaxy S8 back part made up of the glass sheet (because of it has wireless charging feature), while iPhone 7 is assembled with the Aluminium body. Another important point is that the Galaxy S8 comes with an expandable Memory microSD card slot up to 256GB of storage. On Apple iPhone 7, there isn’t kind of slot apart from a Nano-SIM tray.

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Get the fundamental difference & Comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ & iPhone 7, 7 Plus Series models.

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