iPhone 8/iPhone 7 Screen Replacement & Repair Options DIY[Free to Paid]

🗓️ December 3, 2020 By ✍️ Jaysukh patelMost Important Tips on iPhone 7 Screen Replacement or Repair [iPhone 8, iPhone XR].As Apple says, Accidents happen and obviously, we don’t throw our iPhone intentionally. Besides, iPhone repairing is very costly and sometimes we don’t get as usual functionality as the original screen. When it comes to visiting the Apple Store, some people feel lazy and hesitate to go there. But believe me, if you follow the procedure perfectly, you can easily get it done on Same Day.

here in this tutorial cover, all the possible solutions that help to save a few dollars as of your expertness is gadgets repairing. if you are doing Screen Replacement DIY For iPhone 7, iPhone 8 or iPhone XR, Do it with potentially and care about other sensitive parts and connections between them.

There are multiple reasons behind you are agreed to repair your iPhone 7 screen or iPhone 8. Your iPhone screen unresponsive and Damaged from inside. Some time Liquid effect or Screen Protector damaged your iPhone screen. or Loose contact after dropping from hand or Broken Glass (Best iPhone 7 Screen Protector).

Before you visit the Apple Store,

You Must Check Before Goes For iPhone 7 Screen Replacement or Repair: Full Guide [iPhone 8, iPhone XR]


iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 Screen Replacement Guide

iPhone 8, iPhone 7 Screen Replacement Guide

Option 1: Replace iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 Screen with this iPhone screen replacement toolkit

If you don’t have AppleCare+ coverage for your iPhone, then you should replace screen using toolkit. I would only suggest performing screen replacement on your own if you have little knowledge and confidence otherwise you may end up in trouble.

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What are the tools required to replace the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 Screen?

There are some precautions that you should keep in mind before starting the replacement procedure,

  1. Before starting with any operation make sure to discharge the iPhone below 25% to avoid explosion or fire.
  2. Turn off the device before removing any screw.
  3. If the glass is broken then wear the safety gloves.
  4. Use the suction cup to remove the screen carefully.
  5. While pulling the display off, don’t raise it to 15 degrees otherwise you will tear the cable connected to the display.

Way to find iPhone 7 Screen Replacement Near me

Open Google and Search “Apple Store Near Me“, Google will give exact location with Full Details, Open Hours and Address.

Option 2: What is the cost of iPhone 8 and iPhone 7, iPhone XR Screen Replacement? 

iPhone Screen Repair costs may vary according to iPhone models as well as it depends on Region. We have mentioned the screen replacement cost of iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 applicable in the United States. The below-mentioned price is only for screen damage, if your iPhone is damaged in another way then you will have to pay separately.  However, if your iPhone is under AppleCare+ then you have to pay less and out of warranty screen replacement is quite costly. Don’t know if your iPhone is under AppleCare+ coverage? Verify it by entering the serial number of iPhone in Check Coverage section.

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NOTE: If you prefer to visit Apple Authorized Service Center for screen repair then the price may vary as they set their own charges.

iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 Screen Replacement Cost

iPhone Model Screen Replacement Cost (AppleCare+ Coverage) Screen Replacement Cost (Out of Warranty)
iPhone 8 $29 $149
iPhone 7 $29 $149

iPhone XR screen Replacement Cost

iPhone XR $ 29 $ 199

iPhone 6/6S Screen Replacement Cost

iPhone 8,
iPhone 7
$ 29 $ 149
iPhone 6s Plus $ 29 $ 169
iPhone 6s $ 29 $ 149
iPhone 6 Plus $ 29 $ 149
iPhone 6 $ 29 $ 129

Above Cost may be changed in future check this before deciding to go Apple Store for iPhone screen Repair and Replacement.

Option 3: What is the Trusted Service Centers 2019 for iPhone Screen Repair other than Apple?

We have also collected a few third-party service centers that offer the same service as Apple. It may possible that your iPhone screen replacement will be done at low cost compared to Apple Center.



Options 4: Have You a solution? Get Answer From Apple Online

if you failed to find nearby Apple store or Repairing center or it’s too far away from your location. Sometimes Third-Party repairer not hand over your iPhone because of Workload or Your mind change with terms and conditions.

You can ask for apple support center on Call, Phone Chat in India, UK, Canada, USA, Germany or Other countries. Because Apple Services are available worldwide.

Are you interested more about this discussion and Engage with us? Sure you can comment me for the best solution for you that not listed in above solutions for iPhone XR Screen Replacement, iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 Screen Replacement.

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