iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus Keeps Restarting in iOS 14 Itself

Last Updated on Jun 13, 2021

We have found and analyze the problem that’s happening with iPhone 8 users right now and also for past iPhone models. iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8 keeps restarting is not a good experience for all, in that situation, users can’t use iPhone or access necessary data on anyhow. Follow this article in details and get fixed your trouble.

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After buying an iPhone, everyone is excited to use just like you and me, since it is an electronic device and so some or other way will create a problem for you. Generally when you update iPhone to new iOS or when you connect the lightning cable to iPhone it may happen to you, but no need to worry it can sort out quickly. Here are some tricks have given which may help you to overcome this issue.

iPhone goes black screen and Appearing Spinning wheel while we are accessing the app on iPhone. Or Last time due to control center issue, iOS 12 Screen Time issues [Screen Time running on iOS device or Your Kid’s device, Are you accessing app the restricted in screen time or many other cases] iPhone keeps restarting itself.

In this process, your iPhone unable to get up from auto restart loop or unexpectedly restarting.

Quick Guide: iPhone 8 Keeps Restarting in iOS Itself7 iPhone 8 Keeps restarting in iOS 11 fix the problems

Identify And keep an eye on Update

Install New iOS that Apple is recommending to you for install from settings app. Or Also you have noticed that this issues because of incompatible iOS applications. We also update it regularly.

For iOS update: Go to the Settings App on iPhone, iPad > General > Software Update.

For Apps Update: you have no worry about new app automatically update in the background, For that we can turn on auto-update app from App Store.

Go to the Settings > iTunes & App Store.

5 iTunes & App Store on iPhone 8

Enable Updates.

6 Enable Auto Updates app on Store on iPhone 8

Be Safe, Save Data: Backup & Restore

All iPhone owners have Gigabytes of useful data in iPhone’s local storage. That we care by taking backup iPhone. Because we need to hand over to the apple store, Reset all the Settings and App Data (Erase iPhone), Restore iPhone from latest backup in future.

Force Restart iPhone

Sometimes this remedy contributes to sort out the common problem. Because when you force restart the device, it shuts processor in the device and free CPU and RAM from the load. So device will run smoothly without any interruption.

To perform Force Restart, you have to press and hold power (Also Called Sleep/Wake Button) and Volume Down button around 20 seconds until you see the black screen with the apple logo on the screen.

Press and Hold buttons until you see Apple logo on Screen,

iPhone 8 Plus/8 Plus/ iPhone X:

1: Press and Quickly Release Volume Up button,
2: Press and Quickly Release Volume Down Button,
3: Press and Hold Side Button until you see the apple logo on Screen.

To Start iPhone, Again press Side button until Startup apple logo on the screen.

More Guide: Restart/Hard Reset iPhone 8/8 Plus or iPhone X.

Now turn on iPhone, Press Sleep/Wake or Side button once until screen Wakeup with Apple logo.

iPhone 8 Has no Home button: Restart iPhone without the home button.

Change Date & Time: Auto to Manually

Change Auto update Data & Time on iPhone from settings, Go to the Settings app > General > Date & Time > Tap on Green toggle and set it to turn off.

Use Date Slide for set manual Date: Month – Date – AM/PM.

Get fixed.

Plug in Charger: Insufficient or low power 

Sometimes battery has not more enough power to run iPhone and see the startup welcome screen. That’s the reason iPhone 8 rebooting after apple logo. The Same trick also apply for iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X.

Reset All Settings

Resetting all the settings will not erase any of your device data, but it will clear all the settings that you have made in different applications and iOS settings.

Step 1: Go to Settings

Step 2: open General

3 Reset Settings on iPhone in iOS 11

Step 3: select Reset and tap on “Reset All Settings.”

4 Reset All Settings or Reset Content on iPhone

Delete Some Apps or Update Them

Insufficient Space: Leaded with lots of Photos, Video or Unused app (Used iOS 11 Offload apps)

Some faulty apps can misbehave with iPhone or create load on the processor, and it will lead to shutting down or restarting of the device again and again. To fix this abnormal behavior of the app, upgrade that app to the latest version or delete and reinstall the app.

To see the list of incompatible Apps or Removed from App Store app: Go to the Settings > General > Applications

1 Not compatible Apps on iPhone

App Compatibility,

2 App compability on iPhone

Reset Device

Before performing this action, you must take a backup because every data will be removed from iPhone. It will also erase cookies and caches from the browser and also every single element of the iPhone will be deleted.

Step 1: Go to Settings

Step 2: Open General

Step 3: tap Reset and again select “Erase All Content And Settings.”

If this problem is occurring when you connect iPhone with lightning cable

Change The Cable

Trying to start with very Low battery, if you are doing this then first charge your iOS device with Apple’s charging cable.

Frequently when you connect the cable to iPhone it restarts the device and corrupted cable or adapter may be the reason for this. It is advisable to change charger as soon as possible; they will fix this issue by diagnosing the device.

Clean Port of iPhone

If iPhone’s charging port contains dirt or small particles, it will keep your device restarting again and again. Cleaning the port may help you out, Clean using the toothpick, small needle or any small pointed thing and take care while cleaning lightning port, don’t damage the port.

Get Help from Apple!

Doesn’t work any of the solutions from above, get the final solution from apple. Because Apple has authority to replace your iPhone with the new one if any big hardware problem found. Otherwise, they will repair device or System own way by Genius bar.

Hope you fixed and enjoyed my guide on iPhone 8 Keeps Restarting with Apple Logo in iOS 11 or later iOS 11.x version. Keep sharing this article with friends on the social page or warm comment.

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