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Wheniwork: Employee Scheduling iPhone app for Business in 2020

Employee Scheduling iPhone app for Business

Technology is a king for all businesses. Latest technology around you but you don’t aware about that, Then you miss biggest success business opportunity. In that case, Source utilization is the biggest challenge for all business’s owner, Leader or Manager. That can be fulfilling by Employee Scheduling iPhone app. Here I am talking about how

How to track App Store sales and iTunes price drops iPhone/ iPad

Find Price drop apps in app store

Track and keep update yourself about up-down price rate is very hard for millions of very useful apps published by very noble developers. In this I covered leading iOS apps as a basic source that gives all about information new best-selling apps, Big Price Drop and scale in your iPhone/ iPad. Looking for Price Drop,

Best Sleep tracking apps for iPhone and Apple Watch for 2020

Good Sleep tracking apps for iPhone

For better health, everybody should take enough sleep in his/her life. While excessive sleep makes the body lazy. So if you have an iPhone and Apple watch; and you are looking for good sleep analysis tracker. Then you can get here top nominated best sleep tracking apps for iPhone and Apple watch. All apps have

iPhone 8 will Come with Touch Bar instead of Home Button

Touch bar iPhone 8 will come with Touch bar instead of Home button

This year, Tech giant Apple will launch three differ handsets in its 10th year of anniversary. Its name will be iPhone 7S, iPhone 7S Plus, and iPhone 8 or X. Apple iPhone 8 release date so far away. But, next iPhone line rumors are coming day to day. Apple’s close security analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims