You should know iPhone 8 Wireless Charging Concept: Rumors

Here’s round-up of the Apple iPhone Wireless charging, so how will look new iPhone 8. In last week we have seen iPhone 8 Design concept, iPhone 8 Price, and release date. Now here we are going to look on the iPhone 8 Wireless charging concept. Apple iPhone 8 probably has Wireless charging, but it will not work for long range.

How will Apple design to make iPhone 8 Wireless Charging?

Apple will be removed the metal backing plate and switch a new toughened glass for the back and front side. Therefore, we hope next generation iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus battery charging wirelessly along with the more attractive look.

The metal backplate cannot find electromagnetic indication so that it’s Inhibit it. While glass material quickly carriage the power. Hence, this concept will use to make its new iPhone family member wirelessly charge. At all, Apple iPhone 8 and 8 Plus will become the second Wireless product after the Wireless AirPods. And, it is required because of many competitors Android Smartphone available with wireless charging technology.

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Rumours of the iPhone 8 Wireless Charging 2017

Another, new features expected in the iPhone 8 and 8+ model that the high-level water resistance rating over the iPhone 7/7 Plus. The new paradigm will be IP68, While iPhone 7/ Plus have under Water tested laboratory testing rating IP67 Water resistance ratings. Lets from your side make your iPhone 7 Plus Waterproof using Cases.

You might know that the IP68 rating is very high level than one low rating IP67. According to Apple site, 2016 launched iPhone 7/ 7 Plus – users can submerge iPhone 7 iPhone up to the minimum level, not at deep level cause both are Water resistance models not waterproof. Therefore, the Company will not replace or repair your water damage phone if you lose.

Get more here: iPhone 8 with Touch bar will come on beneath on the screen.

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