Fixed: iPhone Activation Error 0xe8000013 with iTunes for Any iPhone

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020Are you getting the error on your Mac’s or Windows iTunes screen with the error code is 0xe8000013? Follow the handwritten tips that work and helped in to Activate your New iPhone with iTunes on Mac or PC.

iPhone must require Active SIM or Inactive SIM (Without any contract). Also, expect a valid your Apple ID and password. Don’t use your Friends or Insecure Apple ID that given by your Friends, Repair Technicians. If you don’t have an idea, then follow my past tutorial on how to create a new Apple ID. And That’s it. Even all are set and true. In case if you are unable to activate iPhone or Failed to activate New or Used iPhone/iPad. Error Code is 0xe8000013 this than quick fix using the steps below. Your Problem give-up to us after Submit Q&A to via Apple Device Support Form. We will understand your problem, and we will send a working solution in your inbox.

Like we have made one post on could not activate iPhone after updating to iOS 12, it is similar to that but with a different error. It occurs when you enable iPhone using iTunes and receive activation error 0xe8000013 with iTunes. iPhone is unable to reach the activation servers, or SIM isn’t functioning correctly or some software on your iPhone isn’t up to date, and there are many such reasons. Most of the iPhone 5S users are facing this error 0xe8000013 with iTunes during activation.

Your iPhone is on contract with Carrier Service (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and Any Other). Wait for 24 Hours.

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1 iPhone Activation Error fixed

What are the reasons behind iPhone Activation error 0xe8000013 with iTunes after iOS update?

1.    Activation server is under maintenance.

2.    If you have jailbroken the iPhone, then it may show this kind of error.

3.    Remember if you have changed the parts of iPhone like Touch ID module, memory module or battery.

4.    iTunes or some software is not up to date.

5.    You are using the iPhone with invalid SIM or IMEI.

6.    Some third-party anti-virus software is blocking your iPhone’s access to the Apple’s server.

7.    iPhone’s USB driver is corrupted.

How to fix could not activate iPhone activation error 0xe8000013 with iTunes

Fix 1: Put iPhone in DFU mode and activate with iTunes

We have tried this method, and it worked well for us. After putting iPhone in DFU mode and restoring the iPhone with iTunes, you will not find the 0xe8000013 error message. How to put your iPhone/iPad in DFU mode.

Fix 2: Uninstall Third-party Security Software

Third-party applications might be interrupting the iPhone from activating. So it is better for now you must disable or delete the security software and try to activate the iPhone.

Fix 3: Reinstall the Apple Mobile Device USB driver

To do so,

Step #1: Reconnect the iPhone with iTunes. In case iTunes open then shut down the iTunes.

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Step #2: Launch the “Run” window by pressing “Window+R” together.

Step #3: Enter the following code, (See full article on Apple Mobile Device USB driver)

 %ProgramFiles%\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers

Step #4: Find the “usbappl.inf” or “usbapp164.inf“.

Step #5: Next, right click on any one of them and click “Install.”

Step #6: Remove the iPhone from the computer.

Step #7: Reboot your computer.

Wrap up!

Hope you get fixed. Still, any confuse and more help than please share with us from our Support service. Also, Like us and share with us on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.

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