iPhone Call hold, Forward, Conference: The ultimate guide

Last Updated on Jun 12, 2021

New iOS upgrade from time to time, User interface Screen easier compare to older iOS version. The most helpful changes made by Apple in iOS, which are calling screen, Home app screen layout, Settings app, and many more. Even 3D touch is more powerful and useful hardware functionality to doing long operations with ease. That will save your time or conjunction as well.

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Here I will show you how we can manage call screens like iPhone call hold, Call to forward and Create Group or conference Audio/ Video call on the latest iOS.

iPhone Call hold during call in iOS 9

Other mobile OS users must learn this from the first day; also utilize your iPhone in your profession and business.

Steps for iPhone call hold, forward to another call or Make conference call

When you dial number from dial pad with blue round call button, Next screen Show up all calling options on process call screen. In that case mute or hold call option use at any time on start a call or in-between call period.

Note: Hold call option on screen available for FaceTime audio/ Video or on Carrier call.

More Very useful options are: Mute call (Your voice can’t at another side), Speaker (Listen loudly incoming voice to you), Search contacts in contact app, Add member for group or Conference call tap on ‘+’ icon.

See the Facetime call iPhone Screen

Start hold or mute call on Facetime call

During facetime audio call you can switch directly to video call without end call.

Carrier call iPhone screen

Mute or hold call on iPhone call

Note: You can move to the home screen without end running call or on to another screen by multi-screen features.

Here, the meaning of hold call is only mute your sound from your end, Not save minutes used for the whole call. So, don’t wait for a long time, Make a call again is the best option in place of an iPhone Call hold or Mute.

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