How to Use iPhone for Smart TV Remote: Also Control Apple TV Remotely

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020

With smart TV you must use or enjoy essential TV compatible Apps. Now available on your iOS devices (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch). That’s works remotely with any brands smart TV. Here I am talking about how we can access our Home or office smart TVs using an iOS app? Compatible Smart TV brands are Apple TV, Fire TV, Sony, Hulu, Roku, LG, Nest, Direct TV, DENON, Samsung, Philips, Sonos, Plex, and Yamaha. Apart from smart TVs, Streaming Devices, Also control thousands on home devices, Blue-Ray Players, Thermostat, Lights, and Satellite Boxes at once. Check the apps for use iPhone for smart TV Remote.

Not a single app or service right now available for access smart TV. See top best alternate apps to control smart TV remotely from the iOS device.

Stream Music, Change TV Shows, Access your Channel subscription and many more features. Apple TV remote app officially now available for the OS device able to manage multiple TVs under the Same WiFi network. Get more about pre-requisite conditions and start to use it to control Apple TV remotely.

in iOS 11 or later users can Add Apple TV Remote to Control Center and can control Apple TV using iPhone or iPad. Separate Apple TV remote not required for this.

iPhone for smart TV Remote from remote distance

Best Smart Apps for use iPhone for smart TV remote access

Make iPhone as a Universal Remote with most popular and use to an app with full features, do anything from your iOS device over Wi-Fi.

Simple Control

The simple control is a massive app for use iPhone for smart TV Remote also compatible with the big screen, iPad. Technology of the app, only made for control all types of smart devices at once, Simple control on iPhone made this app next generation remote. Easy to setup on all third party devices from search with name, And works in 34 countries, Simple subscription for control large numbers of devices on hotels, Offices, Rooms and Home. Yearly auto renew a subscription.  Best app compatible for access smart TV remotely

iOS widget in notification center perfect for track current activity.

Now you can also control through your wrist – Apple Watch app

Get App Simple Control – $9.99


Such big list of devices, that’s now controlled through iRule officially. Thousands+ devices name or models you can see at here. Reliable customer support will be glad to find the device that you have and help in setup. Popular devices mostly people are using now a day on iRule are Media players, AV receivers, Smart TVs and many others home automation systems.

iRemocon and Logitech Harmony also have a remote app for control Smart TV remotely.

Above apps are simple and smart solutions for use iPhone for the smart TV remote. Alternatively, you can try for your device, that’s best compatible to your device.

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