iPhone freeze after iOS 8 update on iPhone 4S/ 5S & 5: Fixed

Many possible problems to figure out why iPhone freeze after update with new iOS, thousands of users blame to apple, why iPhone freeze after iOS 8 update that would be updated on iPhone 5S/ 5C/ 5 and iPhone 4S. In result most of the iPhone users revert back from iOS 8 to iOS 7 it’s hence that iPhone giving different types of error on application crash, not working functions, Wi-Fi issue, FaceTime issue, Message Not deliver, Stuck Apple logo and more, slow iPhone on iOS 8, Fast Battery Drain on iOS 8.iPhone freeze after iOS 8 update fixed solution

Solved: My iPhone freeze after iOS 8 update on iPhone 5S/ 5C/ 5 and iPhone 4S

Apple’s official declared iPhone and iPad models, that has been supported now iOS 8, after that many issues arise on old updated device. So you can’t experience newly and amazing featured iOS 8.

If you do and enjoy with new iOS 8, Then you have to follow the below instruction carefully those are given by expects and personal experiences.

Installed apps not updated

At the time of disable auto update app on your iOS device that should not be compatible with iOS 8. So you have to update app time to time when resolved with new bug fixing from developer.

To update all of your App – (Press and hold Home button and Power button until the robot device)

You can also update Apps through iTunes: Launch iTunes in Mac/ PC > Apps > # updates available > after update Apps (Downloaded) > Sync iPhone with iTunes

Update your iOS by regularly check over time

Apple continuously hangover testing and getting feedback on some issue arise after launched iOS 8 publicly. So apple giving small update in your device timely, That’s you can check update notification under Setting > General > Software Update

Remove or uninstall unused apps and Data

As a iPhone caring fans, iPhone user always trying to use new app when seen in app store in any category, and then forgot time to go to remove or uninstall it. Most of the folks are using iPhone cleaner software or iPhone Backup software for security or 1 TB iDrive + 10TB online cloud Backup storage.

Battery Drain problem

Some time background process and continuously turned on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not in used reason behind lose iPhone battery. So you have to need use portable/ External battery.

Note down which app continuously facing crashing report and verify from store that app compatible with running iOS version or not,

Fixed: How to solve NSException in FaceTime on Mac OS X Yosemite.

Some time not proper setting configuration or overlapping old settings on restore old backup cause iPhone freeze after iOS 8 update problem.

After that, are you still facing problem on (Stop hanging) iPhone freeze after iOS 8 update on your iPhone 5S, 5C, 5 and iPhone 4S. Share your full story by deep writing in comment.