iPhone/iPad: Free Phone number lookup by Name, Address, Location

Sometimes we need to know and find information by phone number. And now it’s easy to get on a different device (iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC). Free service really helpful and gives frequently updated information (Name, Mobile Carrier Name, Address, FaceBook ID) from largest database in the world. Planty of alternate services are online for Phone number lookup on your iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus/ iPhone 7/7 Plus/6/6S – iPad running on iOS 10/ iOS 11 or later. And that giving all details in pro value. it doesn’t necessarily, using this guide you can get in free all informative details.

Most of the phone number lookup services are paid. But untrusted, Find my personal suggestion might help you as of your expectation.

TrueCaller: #1 Phone number by lookup Service for iOS, Desktop or Mac

Find Name Contact and Address on iPhone by Phone number

TrueCaller one of the trusted apps that make you secure and alerting millions of people every minute by alerting as a spam call before you receive.

Get the app: Download On iPhone

Open on Browser: TrueCaller

Enable Spam identification and Blocking: Go to the Settings > Phone > Call Blocking & Identification > Enable Truecaller

This is free service, to use this service you need to register or sign up free.

Manage all unknown call, this app gives the details of unknown number while you receive on your iOS device.

Identify Spammer: Copy the contact from a recent call in Phone app, Open Truecaller app on iPhone/iPad. Past in contact search box of the app to look up all the details.

Using Widget: Also you can copy contact number and Go to the widget to find the details of who is number quickly without the open app and search in the app. Before that, you must add Truecaller widget on your iPhone.

Other Features

Spam ID: Filter all spam SMS Messages and Number.

A same feature you can use on your other mobile platform and Web portal.

Share with us! If you have any suggestion that more accurate & frequent updated and batter than Truecaller.

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