iPhone Podcasts app “Mark as Played” Missing in iOS 17.1.2/14, What Should I Do?

🗓️ November 10, 2020 By ✍️ Jaysukh patelMark as played” in iOS 11 on podcasts app, is useful on easy to identify it’s played or listened to before or not. So we can ignore played podcasts easily and save lots of time daily from repeat play. In the latest iOS, the Redesigned app makes people more confused about how they can identify or Set Mark as a played podcast, Episode, or Shows. All apple podcasts users are confusing and not happy with the new app.

Please Review and See the hidden features and Guide: Podcasts app not working on iPhone.

That means if you are looking for stop re-play or Play Episodes Sequential Order from selected Podcasts.


Steps for Podcasts app Mark as Played or Missing on iPhone: Alternate Solutions to Try

Note: To get the mark as played function back on the podcast: Please update your iPhone, iPad to the latest iOS.

  • Find your favorite Podcasts on the iPhone podcasts app.
  • Next, Tap on Search from the bottom tab.

1 Find podcasts settings on iPhone

  • Search podcasts with Name and Open Podcasts by a tap on it.
  • First Subscribe podcasts, Tap on Subscribe button,
  • Press and Hold on (Three dots more icon) > Settings.

2 Podcasts settings for iPhone in iOS 11

  • Next, To Settings for particular podcast > Find “Play in Sequential Order.” in iOS 11 Changed, See the screen below.

3 Play Episodes in Podcasts Sequential Order

Now you don’t need to check and play episodes manually one by one.

The more hidden option under the settings are:

  • Play Most Recent Episodes first
  • Only keep most recent Episodes
  • And Other Custom Settings
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Another useful feature is, Re-Order or manage the order of episodes from the playlist.

So we can eliminate or set last all not interested episodes before play.

Now, your playlist continuously plays Each Episodes one by one.

Podcasts app won’t show Settings option

It might be a bug or check for the latest iOS 11 from the Settings app. If you don’t find, First subscribe to podcasts and follow the above steps.

Go to the Settings > General > Software Update > Check For Update.

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