Fix iPhone Speaker Not Working on iPhone 12(Pro Max),11, XR, XS Max, 8Plus, 7Plus, 6S, XS any iPhone

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020

Even though iOS 12 is the newest version of the iPhone, still it is causing so much complication to its users. iPhone speaker not working in iOS 12 is just one problem of all. Different users have shared them that speaker is not working during calls and voice mail. Besides call and voice mail, I also faced the speaker not working after updating iPhone to iOS 12 during Facetime and playing videos on YouTube.

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I can imagine your struggle and patience regarding this speaker fault. As the iPhone speaker is not working in the game, you can’t even enjoy games on the iPhone; we can say it is useless without a speaker. I will give some tips if there is a problem with the software then it might be possible that it may get solved, or else you have to contact the Apple Store.

Fix iPhone XS Max/XS/XR/X/8 Plus/7 Plus/6S Plus Speaker not working in iOS 12

iPhone Speaker Not working iOS 12

Solution 1: Check Silent Switch cause it stops iPhone Speaker loud

Check the Silent switch is turned on (iPhone ring is on). Often in a hurry, we make such silly mistakes.

Solution 2: Increase the Volume to Maximum

Increasing the volume to maximum is a common step when we stuck in speaker error. And also check the silent button above the volume keys.

Step 1: Go to “Settings” and open “Sounds.”

Step 2: Slide the Volume Slider to the maximum volume.

Solution 3: Check that your iPhone is not in Headphone Mode

It may be another reason behind iPhone speaker not working after updating to iOS 12. If the headphone/lightning cable is dirty or having other debris then iPhone’s port is stuck, and the iPhone thinks that earphones are plugged in, the music won’t play through the speaker. Follow the steps to get rid of it.

Step 1: Press the volume up key and if the iPhone is in Headphone mode then “Headphone” will be displayed on a pop-up.

Step 2: Check port of iPhone by flashlight and if you see anything then clean it with brush carefully.

Solution 4: Make sure that iPhone isn’t connected with the different speaker like HomePod or AirPods

For that, you need to turn off Bluetooth and AirPlay Mirroring. Often we have a habit of enabling features whether they are in use or not. Just like that Bluetooth and AirPlay Mirroring are used to play music or for video streaming.

Step 1: Swipe the bottom of the iPhone’s screen.

Step 2: Turn off both, the Bluetooth and the AirPlay Mirroring.

Solution 5: Force Restart your iPhone to fix Mic/Speaker not working

Rebooting the device will fix all the issues related such as iPhone speaker not working on games, iPhone speaker not playing Music, iPhone speaker not working while calling and much more. There are different methods to restart the iPhone depending on which iPhone you have.

For iPhone XS Max/XS/XR/X/iPhone 8/iPhone 8 Plus:

Step 1: Press and Quickly Release Volume up key,

Also, Press and Quickly Release Volume Down button.

Now press and hold Side button until you see the apple logo on the screen. (Continuously press and hold on Slide to turn off toggle screen)

Black Screen Means it’s running Force Restart process.

For iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus consumers:

Press and hold the power button and Volume down button simultaneously for 10 seconds

For iPhone 6S/ iPhone 6 users:

Step 1: Press and hold the power button and home button simultaneously for a few seconds.

Contact Nearest Apple Store: Book Appointment and Reach on Time

Get Additional tips and Get Free Repair service on physical damage of your iPhone if it’s cover under warranty. How to contact Apple Support and Check iPhone Warranty (All the Services are free for under Warranty coverage) status online self.

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