App Won't Delete Jiggle in iOS 13

iPhone Won’t Delete Apps in iOS 14/13.5.1: Apps Won’t Jiggle After Update iOS 14/13.5.1

iPhone won’t delete apps in iOS 14 or iOS 13, what to do now? Recently one of the colleagues faced the issue with the iOS 13 or later,  As usual, I have suggested to him all the workarounds, and potential solutions that are used to fix iPhone won’t delete apps and how to delete apps on iPhone iOS 13/iOS 14. But none of them worked for his iPhone. After trying more and more, we realized that the latest update has a new way to delete apps in iOS 13, and that wasn’t any bug or system issue.

If you have the same issue of iOS 13 won’t delete apps on the iPhone, then continue to read this article and learn how to delete apps in iOS 14 or iOS 13 iPhone. In addition, Apple has added one more way to remove apps from your iPhone, so if first doesn’t work for you then try another one.

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How to Delete Apps on iPhone/iPad: iOS 14/iPadOS 14

Method 1: Long Press Time On Home Screen on iPhone/iPad

get here 4 methods to delete Apps on iPhone.

Spend more time on touch and hold on the App icon. It is the, as usual, method that we were following from the beginning. However, there’s a minor change that you should know about deleting apps on iOS 13.

Step #1: Go to the Home screen on iOS 13 update iPhone.
Step #2: Long Press the App icon that you want to delete. Don’t lift up your finger however iPhone/iPad Screen Show 3D Touch popup option. Just after that popup, you will find all the apps icon jiggle right away for delete.
Step #3: Tap (x) to the App icon for the Delete app, when it appears.
NOTE: In previous iOS versions, holding the app icon for 4-5 seconds the (x) appears whereas, in iOS 13, it takes around 10-12 seconds to show (x).

Method 2: From App Store, Re-designed iOS App Store

Yes, you have read perfectly, now the latest iOS allows you to delete apps in iPhone from the Update section of App Store. See how it can be done.

Step #1: Go to the “App Store”.
Step #2: Tap on your Photo icon on the top-right corner.
Step #3: Now, under the “Available Updates” section, locate the app that you would like to delete.
Step #4: Swiping left on a particular app, will bring the “Delete” option.
Step #5: Confirm “Delete”.

Hence the conclusion is, there is no problem with your iPhone and iOS, it’s just you were trying the wrong method to delete the apps. Share these methods with your friends and help them to delete apps on iOS 13 or later enabled iPhone.

Method 3: Can’t Delete Apps? Check for Screen Time Restrictions

Unable to delete apps on the iPhone? Have you checked the restrictions on Deleting Apps? Because if screen time restrictions is enabled for Deleting Apps, then on pressing and holding the app won’t jiggle. Here’s how to Allow Deleting Apps on iPhone.

For iOS 14/13/12,

  1. Go to the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Scroll down and tap Screen Time.

    Open Settings and Screen Time
    Open Settings and Screen Time
  3. Select Content & Privacy Restrictions.
  4. Then, go to iTunes & App Store Purchases.
  5. Tap Deleting Apps and then Allow.

    Allow Deleting Apps on Content & Privacy Restrictions
    Allow Deleting Apps on Content & Privacy Restrictions

For iOS 11,

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  1. Navigate to the Settings app.
  2. Tap General.
  3. Select Restrictions.
  4. Enter the passcode to access Restriction, and Toggle ON Deleting Apps.

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