Get iPhone X Screen Replacement Cost US, UK

🗓️ November 10, 2020 By ✍️ Jaysukh patelApple’s 10th-anniversary model ‘’iPhone X’’ shipping with edge-to-edge super retina display and glass backplate cause wireless charging feature. Typically, the user wanted a long life of its Smartphone and so that it purchase glass screen Protectors to prevents against scratches, accidental drops, as well to extend the life of valuable iPhone. After fixing shield protector on OLED mobile display, the user can use a phone without worrying. Unfortunately, some of the user having an issue regarding iPhone X screen cracked accident then what should do? How and Where to repair iPhone X Screen as well what is the damage iPhone X screen replacement cost? These all things here I’d like to explain you.

Get iPhone X Screen Replacement Cost USA, UK, Canada, Aus

iPhone X Screen Replacement Cost US, UK

The brand new iPhone shipping with one Year Apple warranty and in them Apple serve damage iPhone repairing service. But unluckily accidental damage isn’t covered by the Apple Limited Warranty. Henceforth, you will have to pay for parts and fix charges.

Note: if your iPhone screen cracks due to a manufacturing defect, then don’t worry, Apple counts such problem in under Warranty.

First of all, what place is right to repair your cracked iPhone X

Let’s here see- How much does cost of an iPhone X Screen Replacement?

According to Apple,

If you are going to repair iPhone X screen replacement with AppleCare+, then you’ll have to Pay  $29.

In Case, Your iPhone X out-of-warranty and you want to fix your Phone at Apple service center then the Cost is $279. This price is very high than any other iPhone models.

An iPhone X Screen Replacement Cost in UK with AppleCare+ – £25

  • If iPhone X out-of-warranty then price is – £44

An iPhone X Screen Repair Cost in AustraliaA$ 418.95

  • For other damage to iPhone X’s charge is A$ 818.95

An iPhone X Screen Replacement Cost with AppleCare+ in CanadaCA$39

  • If iPhone X out-of-warranty then the price is – CA$359

There are many third-party stores available worldwide to repair Apple iPhone. Even though, the main reason is that if a user gets Apple product repair service at Non-Apple Store, then legal Warranty happens void. Therefore, don’t visit an unauthorized service center to repair your iPhone X Screen, Camera, Microphone, Speakers and any part of your iPhone.

There are two ways to fix your iPhone X Screen Replacements. Either by sending in for repair or you can bring in for repair.

Here’s source to send online request to get iPhone X repair service.

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