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Make/ Upload VR Video to YouTube on Mac/ PC

Upload VR (Virtual Reality) Video to YouTube channel

Now, YouTube enable for VR (Virtual Reality) video, Make sure you have correctly recorded 360° video on VR camera. You didn’t record video using VR camera and recorded through Custom camera rings. You must prepare video in to correct format, at first. Then Follow the straight forward steps explained below and Upload VR Video to

[2020 Solved] HomePod Setup failed Error 301003

Fix HomePod Setup failed 301003

Lots of Apple HomePod users reporting HomePod Setup failed 301003 error. I will try to suggest some detailed solutions; I hope this helps you to get rid of HomePod Speaker error code 301003. Let’s attempt my following troubleshooting to fix quickly and move ahead with your HomePod setting up. Fix HomePod Setup failed 301003 Error Clue #1-

Best Leather Sleeve for MacBook Pro 16-inch in 2020

Best Leather Sleeves for 16-inch MacBook Pro Laptop

Get the Best 16-inch MacBook Pro Sleeves in 2020. How do you protect your MacBook Pro? It totally depends on you, numerous accessories for 16-inch MacBook Pro are available to give the utmost security and protection. Nevertheless, spending $1000 bucks to safeguard MacBook is less, if you tend to buy all the protection and necessary

Play iTunes Song, Video to apple TV directly using Airplay

Way to Play iTunes Song, Video to apple TV

In iOS 8/ iOS 7 Airplay functionality quite different, but we can use it easily for Play iTunes Song, Video to apple TV directly (Without any third part apps) using Airplay features available in your destination device. Now newer Apple TV and Sound system – Speaker comes with Airplay functionality and hard ware as a

How to install windows 8 on Mac: with OS X Yosemite

Install windows 8 on Mac OS X Yosemite

Mac users that don’t comfort with pre install Apple’s OS X Yosemite or Mavericks But more comfortable with Windows OS, like windows 7 or windows 8/ 8.1 and windows 10. In this way you can run Windows and Mac in single hard disk but different partition. To move from one OS to another simply boot

Review HooToo Headset: The Best VR headset for iPhone

HooToo’s magnetic Trigger VR headset

Our Eye is the window of the soul, and VR headset is a revolution of wearable accessory. Virtual Reality headset is the best invention for the people who love to watch 3D movies. It gives very best experience to the user. There are lots of advantages of using this VR headset with magnetic Trigger. If