Why is my iPhone XR left speaker/ microphone not work? Here’s Fix

Last Updated on Aug 20, 2020

iPad and iPhone are known for Speaker quality, If you suddenly noticed that Bottom iPhone XR left the speaker not working, yes it’s right. Millions of people are aware of this hidden secret. That I explained in this tutorial. There are many reasons why iPhone XR left speaker not working. Believe me, the speaker not working on iPhone is very normal, you are not only with the speaker problem of the iPhone. Thousands of iPhone users have fixed the left/Ear speaker not working on iPhone and many other issues, in a minute. First of all, do you know how many speakers does iPhone XR has? No? That’s ok!

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In this article, we have mentioned everything and tried to answer every query that arises in your mind. Starting with the answer of how many speakers does the iPhone XR have?

Are the Bottom-Left Speakers on iPhone XR are FAKE?

In terms of Apple, Left Speaker is Earspeaker at the top front of the iPhone and Right Speaker is the iPhone Bottom speaker. that we can adjust under the audio balance settings. [See image below,]

Where is iPhone XR speaker guide

Where is iPhone XR speaker guide

After using the iPhone XR for a long time, people are asking about why the left speaker doesn’t work on iPhone XR. Near to the lightning connector, there is a small group of holes on the left side, in reality, it is a microphone. The Microphone is responsible to transmit your voice to the person on the other side whom you are talking with. So, there is no chance that the microphone will play music for you.

Where are the Speakers on iPhone XR?

On the right side of the lightning connector, you will find the holes, they are the speakers of the iPhone XR. However, when you play any song or video or put the call on speaker, the right side holes will play out the audio, only when the iPhone isn’t connected with an external speaker or headphone.

The conclusion is we have only one speaker on the iPhone XR that is on the right side of the lightning connector and the left side group of holes is just a microphone.

Hopefully, your doubts will be clear by the above explanation. Now, during calls, if the other person on the call is unable to hear you, then the microphone is affected. Or if you iPhone speakers cant play songs or videos then, check the speakers. Try below tricks to fix Left/Right speaker doesn’t work on iPhone XR.

Solution 1: Check the Audio Balance

iPhone has this great feature of Audio Balance, but sometimes it can uncertainly create trouble for us. The main goal of Audio Balance in the iPhone is, if you don’t want to hear music on both speakers, then it lets you drag the slider towards the left or right side and once you drag it either side, the other side will stop playing music. Therefore, to keep listening to songs on both speakers, the Audio Balance should be kept in the middle. Check your settings,

For iOS 13,

  • Settings app > Accessibility > Audio/Visual > Make sure the Balance is in the middle.

For iOS 12 or earlier,

  • Settings app > General > Accessibility > Scroll down and adjust slider.

Solution 2: Force Reboot iPhone

Now, that you have determined the Audio Balance is perfect but still left speaker not working on iPhone XR after iOS 13 update, its time to start with basics. Force restarting iPhone is capable of fixing multiple minor software related issues on the iPhone. Do this,

Step #1: Press and quickly release the Volume Up button.
Step #2: Press and quickly release the Volume Down button.
Step #3: Press and hold the Side button until you see the Apple logo on the screen.

Hard Reboot only options to get out your stuck software on iPhone XR. If the problem is not with the software stuck, Follow the next solution.

Solution 3: Reset All Settings

Since the other person on the call is unable to hear your voice and iPhone XR left speaker not working during calls, it is advisable to reset all settings. On performing Reset All Settings, the customized settings will be restored to default, don’t worry you won’t lose any data.

Step #1: Go to the “Settings” app on your iPhone XR.
Step #2: Tap General > Reset.
Step #3: Select “Reset All Settings”.
Step #4: Enter iPhone’s Passcode to confirm.

This option will not affect Data saved on mobile like message, contact, mail, Photos, Notes and more.

Check the Sound test

After trying the above workaround, iPhone XR left speaker might be started working correctly. How do you know that the left speaker is working like before on the iPhone? Its very simple, launch the Voice Memos app on your iPhone. Now, start a new recording and record anything with a hearable voice and tap Done. If that recorded audio has perfect sound, then iPhone XR left speaker is working as usual. If not, then continue with the following solutions. Alternatively to check the right speaker on iPhone, play YouTube video, don’t forget to increase the volume.

Solution 4: Restore iPhone

It seems like the problem with your iPhone XR left speaker is serious, in that case, we have only one option left to suggest, Factory Reset iPhone XR. Restoring iPhone XR to factory settings is the best way to eliminate software fault and glitches, however, you have to compromise with the iPhone’s data. To avoid any data loss kindly take a backup of your iPhone.

Step #1: Open the “Settings” app.
Step #2: Select “General”.
Step #3: Tap “Reset”.
Step #4: Tap “Erase All Content & Settings”.
Step #5: Confirm by entering the Passcode.

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Connect your iPhone to Mac Or PC on Finder/iTunes, Select the Latest Backup copy all data back to iPhone that’s called Restore Latest Backup on iPhone.

Solution 5: Visit the Apple Store

The issue with your left speaker of the iPhone XR is hardware-related, therefore, it is better to visit the Apple Store and take help from technicians. Don’t try to change or fix the speaker on your own, otherwise, it may void the warranty of your iPhone. Make an appointment and get it fixed.

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