iPhone XR Music Volume Low Even Full Volume, Boost Sound

Have you tried to increase/decrease the volume on the iPhone? If not, you should try to do this first because it mostly helps when iPhone music volume is low. Go to different applications like YouTube, Music app, etc, and play songs in high volume as well as in lower volume. Still, the iPhone XR Music Volume is Low, so carry on with this post and try our potential solution to fix the issue. Music volume is low with the car Speaker or Home Theater, Make sure the sound for an external music system is up (That we can do from Remote or Built-in input music controls).

When you go through the below tricks, make sure to check if the sound of the music app is back as usual, and if the solution didn’t work, then try the next one. Head over to fix the iPhone XR music volume low,

How to Fix iPhone XR Music Volume Low or Increase Low Sound

iPhone XR Volume issue fixed
iPhone XR Volume issue fixed

First, Check the Silent Switch, It Should Be turned off. Next is the check Volume button.

Using Volume Button Two buttons just below the Silent Switch, we can control any type of Video sound that may play on your iPhone Browser (Safari, Chrome), Third-Party Music App, YouTube, and Other Shopping apps as well. If the Volume button is disabled from your iPhone settings. Remove this Restriction or Use Volume control from the control center.

Open Control Center: From the Top right corner of the screen, pull down your finger and find the volume bar. Make a change there it will give instant results while listening to music.

Switch Between Output Devices that connected to your iPhone. Yes, We can switch Between all connected speakers (iPhone Speaker, Bluetooth Speaker, Lightning Cable Headphone). Tap on the AirPlay icon from your music app.

Open Muic and check music play correctly with Airplay option
Open Music and check music play correctly with Airplay option

Increase the Volume of your Paired Bluetooth Speaker [Own Speaker control].

iOS Users Also Asking: Why I am unable to change Ringer and Alerts Volume using the Side button. Check this Settings and Enable it. Open Settings app on iPhone > Sound and Haptics > Enable Change with Buttons.

Change Volume of Ringtone and alerts using side button
Change Volume of Ringtone and alerts using the side button

Method 1: Removing the Max Volume Cap [Reduce Loud Sound]

Volume control is changed from iOS 14 or a later version on iPhone/iPad. Follow the below steps to Manage and Reduce loud sound, This feature limits the Output volume while using headphones for Music or Calls. Follow the below steps for Turning off Reduce Loud sound and Getting maximum output through headphones or AirPods/Bluetooth headphones.

  1. Open the Settings app on iPhone > Sounds & Haptics > Scroll to Reduce Loud Sounds under the Headphone Audio section.
Sounds and Haptics on iPhone settings
Sounds and Haptics on iPhone settings
  • Turn off Reduce Loud Sounds Option or Change Volume to the upper limit, up to 100 decibels.
  • Reduce Loud Sound on iPhone Settings
    Reduce Loud Sound on iPhone Settings
  • That’s it.
  • The iOS mainly focuses on people’s safety, and dozens of safety features are available of which we aren’t aware. However, Volume Limit is one of them, when you are having long music listening sessions, the Volume Limit function will lower the volume to protect against ear damage. In case if this function is enabled, disable it as it might be the reason behind iPhone XR Music Volume Low.

    • Go to the “Settings” app on the iPhone. > “Music” > “Volume Limit” “Volume Limit” and drag the slider towards the right.
    Remove Volume limit for music app on iPhone
    Remove Volume limit for music app on the iPhone

    Step #5: This will remove the Music Volume Limit.

    Now open the Music app, try playing the songs on high volume, and see if the iPhone XR low music volume is eliminated.

    Method 2: Setting up Sound Check

    Setting up soundcheck is available to detect whether the music is defective or not. What I want to say is, sometimes the song itself has low volume and we tease our iPhone speaker. In that case, when you turn on Sound Check on iPhone, it automatically detects the sound and adjusts the volume to normal.

    • Step #1: Navigate to the “Settings” app.
    • Step #2: Tap “Music”.
    • Step #3: Turn on the “Sound Check”. (See Above image) Next to Volume Limit.Remove Volume limit for music app on iPhone
    • Step #4: That’s it.

    Head over to the Music app to verify if the sound has been resumed to high or still the problem persists.

    No Sound and Stuck while you listen or play TV Episode

    Bring up your iPhone from music stuck mode, Display is fine and showing perfect without a freeze on screen. But the sound on the speaker suddenly muted itself. Hard Reboot your iPhone. To hard Reboot iPhone XR: Quickly Press and Release Volume up and Volume down button one by one. Not only the Press and Hold side button until you see the apple logo on the screen.

    Turn back, Press and hold the side button until the Apple logo re-appear on the screen. Now text it’s okay.

    Method 3: iPhone Stuck on Headphone Mode

    Your iPhone Doesn’t play or use with Lightning Headphones because Dust or Debris covers the corner of your charging port. Please clean up the inside port using a soft brush or Teeth stick. Also, you can test with another Lighting Headphone or Earbuds.

    Method 4: Disable EQ from the Music app

    In our Music app, EQ settings are already present as a part of music adjustment. Follow the steps and try this last trick to fix the iPhone XR low music volume.

    • Step #1: Open the “Settings” app and go to the “Music”.
    • Step #2: Under the Playback category, tap on the “EQ”.
    Change EQ on iPhone music app
    Change EQ on the iPhone music app
    • Step #3: Now, Default EQ is Selected to Off and Switch into “Late Night” EQ. Now Play any audio from the Music app or Third-Party App.

    Method 5: Use Third-Party EQ App: People Like to use now

    In-App Store, We have a great option to boost your iPhone sound using the EQ apps for iPhone. Equalizer app is a Famous iOS app In Music lovers. Install on your iOS device.

    Open the app, find all types of a media file directly in this app, Play as you will.

    Tap on the Equalizer icon near to play and Select your Best EQ and play.

    Use Third party EQ App on iOS Device
    Use Third-Party EQ App on iOS Device

    That’s it. Simple User Interface, Free and Built-in Pre-ready 30+ Equalizer.

    Method 6: Disable In-App Sound in the Facebook app

    It may sound irrelative, but low music volume on iPhone XR is also possible due to the Facebook app. Usually, in the Facebook app, the video automatically starts playing and so we mute the sound as sometimes it is inconvenient for us. That’s why the Facebook app can be your real culprit that is affecting the music sound on iPhone XR.

    • Step #1: Open the “Facebook” app on your iPhone XR.
    • Step #2: Tap on “More” which is located on the bottom of the screen.
    • Step #3: Now, select “Settings”.
    • Step #4: Choose “Account Settings”.
    • Step #5: Tap “Sounds”.
    • Step #6: Finally disable the “In-App Sound”.

    Method 7: Clean Up Speaker Grill of your iPhone

    Use Soft Baby Brush and Clean up your iPhone speaker next in soft hand. You will see multiple speaker holes serially in two parts. Right-hand Speakers holes are real and for music. Just clean up and make a test again.

    Wrap Up! Final Thought

    Once Reset all settings and check whether your problem is fixed or not. After doing this, all the settings are changed to a default value. Also, You can get free Assistance from the Apple Genious bar, Sometimes the loose connection between the speaker gives a crackling sound or distorted sound while you play on speakerphone. Apple Will repair your problem free of cost if it’s under warranty after final analysis. Meet Apple Support team on Chat, Call, or Get nearby Apple Store.

    Above all are the essential settings you should check first while having a problem with your XR Music Volume Low and Boost sound on Speaker or on a Connected Bluetooth Speaker or Wired Headphones.

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