What to do if your new iPhone XR Won’t Turn On that showing Black Screen Up?

Last Updated on Jul 21, 2021

This article will help you fix your iPhone XR that won’t Turn On at all issues. Apple iPhone XR is a better, robust, and most affordable handset in the iPhone lineup. It has incredible battery life along with pre-installed the latest iOS. But as we know that there isn’t any guarantee for the trouble-free Apple iPhone experience.

Sometimes system lags (Apple’s New iPhone XR Won’t turn on), or sometimes hardware issues make your device useless. But no one phone problem in the tech world is not solved. So here we have quick and straightforward workarounds that work as Apple technician follows at its service center.

What to do if iPhone XR won’t turn on after iOS 14 update Downgrade/Restore, iPhone XR Won’t Turn on suddenly, After Wakeup in Early morning is one of the most common conflicting issues on our newest members of iPhone X family is iPhone XR won’t turn on, iPhone XR stuck on Apple logo, iPhone XR frozen and much more in different conditions.

I am suggesting the below tips that help to solve your problem. So if you are the one who is facing this issue in iPhone XR, then probably your iPhone is not less than a dead person. When the iPhone doesn’t turn on, you can’t do anything except for looking at the black screen and sobbing. Apple takes certain precautions to secure the iPhone, so if the temperature around you is cold, this behavior is normal. Wait for a while iPhone will turn on. Learn from the video guide in the last of this article.

Well, we have prepared some tricks for you to fix iPhone XR that won’t turn on. In this tutorial, you will come to know how you can make your iPhone work like before. iPhone XR won’t turn on after the update can also be fixed by following the below troubleshoots. Are you looking for a solution for iPhone 11 Pro Won’t turn on [Pro/ 11 Pro Max]?

  • iPhone Won’t turn on After Update to latest iOS version
  • iPhone XR Black screen of Death after Drop or Water Damage.
  • Power supply not charging my iPhone XR after a long period of time

In this case, you face an error about Apple iPhone XR won’t Power on, showing a black screen, and its solution is not covered on this page. kindly let’s send email us on [admin at howtoisolve dot com]

we will review your error message of the iPhone XR and will reply to you soon! Thanks in advance for spending your time.

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5 Solutions to wake up your iPhone XR won’t turn on or Black screen of death

are you turning on the iPhone XR correctly by holding down the Side button for at least 8-10 seconds? It could take longer, so keep pressing the Side button until the Apple logo appears on the screen. If it doesn’t work then, begin with Solution #1.

Solution 1: iPhone XR won’t turn on or Charge [Leave Charger Connected for At Least 30 Minutes]

Apple user posted on apple discussion, iPhone XR showing charging icon & Lightning Cable on the screen when plugged on it. After 5 minutes, Side button is not working and Black screen of death.

Do you remember when did you connect the charger to your iPhone XR last time? If you forgot, then one significant reason behind this could be iPhone XR battery is drained to the bottom. So to connect the charger with iPhone and let it charge for 30 minutes and check if iPhone XR won’t turn on is fixed or not.

NOTE: Before doing anything, pick up a thin, soft stick/tool; with the help of that, try to clean the charging port of the iPhone XR. Frequently, due to debris and dirt, the iPhone XR won’t charge, and ultimately it won’t turn on.

  • Use Apple Official Cable and Adapter
  • Try alternate Wireless Charger instead of traditional charger or vice versa.
  • The cable is connected but power is not passing on the iPhone’s body.
  • Connect the charger to other AC power source.
  • The correct way to Charge and Know my iPhone is Charging or Not: ideal screen during charging any iPhone model is, your iPhone screen will only see the Battery icon, not a Cable connector. after 25 to 30 Minutes try Soft Turn on, Only Press, and Hold side/Power button to See Startup Apple logo in middle on the phone screen. if your iPhone is not responding then Hard Reboot is necessary in this case. That’s showing in the next solution.
How to Know iPhone is Charging or Not?
How to Know iPhone is Charging or Not?

Also, check if the adapter or lightning cable that you are using is not ill-functioning. Alternatively, you can connect the iPhone to the laptop to charge it. If this isn’t an issue, then head over to the next solution.

Solution 2: Force Restart iPhone XR while charging

The iPhone is stuck on the Black Screen for some users, but they interpreted it as it won’t turn on. But, of course, when the iPhone only shows a black screen, it’s hard to judge it. In such cases, you can try force restarting the iPhone and see if it works.

If iPhone XR won’t turn on after the iOS 14 update or iPhone XR is frozen, try to fix it with a simple force restart. Many times when software performance degrades, a quick force restart is helpful to resolve the significant issues. Whether your iPhone is updated to iOS 14 or not, this step will help you fix the problem.

  • Step #1: Quickly press and release the Volume Up button.
  • Step #2: Then, Quickly Press and release the Volume Down button.
  • Step #3: After that, only Hold down the Side button until the Apple logo appears on the screen. if the Apple logo is not showing on the Screen after a long wait on a charge, Follow the next solution. Or Wait more Few minutes to charge your iPhone XR.Force Restart iPhone X and later iPhone 8 Plus

Note: Don’t worry; your phone’s saved data on the phone’s internal memory will remain safe after force restarting; you don’t need to create backups. 

Solution 3: Try Recovery Mode: Use iTunes/Finder to fix Software Problems

Watch this video to put your iPhone into recovery mode.

Now we will seek help from iTunes to fix Apple iPhone XR that won’t turn on after the update. Unfortunately, there can be a significant failure in the iPhone XR’s operating system, and that’s why the iPhone still won’t turn on. However, if iTunes can recognize the device, it is easy for you to fix this critical problem, or else there is hardware damage in your iPhone, for which we cannot do anything.

  • Some users are using macOS Catalina or later on Mac, so macOS Catalina, Big Sur users can use Finder instead of iTunes. Because of no More iTunes on new macOS. Only macOS Mojave and Windows users can use iTunes. Follow the steps below that install the latest iOS Update in Recovery mode.

Restore on MacOS Catalina, macOS Big Sur: Restore iOS Using Finder on macOS.

  1. Connect the iPhone with a Mac/computer using the lightning cable.
  2. Launch “iTunes”/”Finder” on your computer/ Mac. Unlock your iPhone with Passcode to pair with Mac/PC. Your iPhone will see on iTunes top windows and Finder Will show iPhone in Finder Sidebar.
  3. Quickly press and release the Volume Up button.
  4. After That, Quickly Press and release the Volume Down button.
  5. Now only, Hold down the Power button until your iTunes on Mac Say your iPhone is in Recovery mode in the popup with two options. Don’t release when you see the Apple logo.
  6. There you will see “Update and Restore, select “Update” on your iTunes screen.

iTunes may take 15 to 20 minutes to complete the process successfully. If you find that iTunes/Finder takes more time, then quit the process and begin the same process again.

Note: Update the iOS to the latest version available, so please update your Phone operating system after taking the latest backup copy in iCloud or on Your PC or Mac with iTunes or Using Finder (Mac Catalina or later).

After restoration doesn’t complete it with the help of iTunes and Stuck, the process unluckily recovery mode restore failed to amend the error, then try to perform a DFU mode on your Apple iPhone XR. Here’s the complete guide Restoring iPhone XR in DFU mode to fix iPhone XR won’t Power ON. I’m sure DFU mode troubleshooting an iPhone XR black screen of death along with the iPhone XR charge slowly. If you are a user, none of the above solutions work then, please get in touch with your carrier support and get a piece of information. After that, go to the final resort.

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Solution 4: iPhone XR Overheating and Not Turning on

After Spending enough time on charging mode, Your iPhone will start overheating, So I recommend Remove the Back cover and Keep it on Charge. Also, restoring Process overheat your iPhone. When the iPhone gets hot, it stops certain services or the entire iPhone to prevent any other damages. None of the solutions is working for you, and then I recommend talking with apple support online, Chat, or Phone call.

Solution 5: Contact Apple Support & Repair Guide

Some of the time, Internal hardware problem is the problem; get free assistance from Apple Help.  For Repairs & Physical Damage, – Also You will get Free Repair & Replacement for iPhone XR if it’s under warranty, Check Warranty Status Online. Book a genius bar appointment or contact near Apple authorized service store. It might be you don’t know it’s Water Damage, a Loose connection between the processor, and screen disconnect.

None of the troubleshoots techniques fix iPhone XR won’t turn on then you should contact the Apple Center. At last, you have that only hope left to bring your iPhone from this loop. Make an appointment and get repaired your iPhone XR as soon as possible. Hopefully, you will leave the Apple Store with a face on your smile!

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