Fixes iPhone XS Max that is stuck on Black Screen and Apple logo

4 Methods to Get fix iPhone XS Max stuck on Apple logo Black Screen or Blue Screen

Don’t waste time because here’s the solution for you in free. Read till the end to this article to get fix it yourself. Just carefully read and follow my tutorial to solve iPhone X Stuck on Black Screen of death or Apple logo. Catch up troubleshooting tips for big software related issues on iPhone XS Max or iPhone XR and the Expert suggestion that care for hardware problems.

Apple iPhone XS Max is the new flagship mobile for the full screen after iPhone X. Because of its new feature that not in Old iPhone X.

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4 Methods to Get fix iPhone XS Max stuck on Apple logo Black Screen or Blue Screen

4 Methods to Get fix iPhone XS Max stuck on Apple logo – Black Screen or Blue Screen

Method 1: Force Restart or Hard Reboot

This is the primary solution that really helpful, Temporary quit the issue and use it normally when you don’t have a PC or Computer that means you are not any help around of you.

Quickly press and Hold volume up button, After that Quickly press and Release Volume down button. Next, Press and Hold side button until you see the Apple logo on screen after black screen.

Sometimes it fixes the problems 100% but not then try next method.

Method 2: Reset All Settings

iPhone is Working, not frequently shut down and Restarting in a loop. That you have a chance to reset all the settings that may internally Glitch after update iOS. Fix that with, Go to the Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings.

Get here > Tip to Shutdown iPhone XS Max

Method 3: Connect your iPhone XS Max to iTunes and Factory Reset

Note: Keep important Data Backup your iOS device, Before we start.

Update/ Install iOS in Recovery mode

1. Factory Restore if iPhone is Empty and Data is not in use

2. Update iOS only that don’t remove data but update iOS to the latest version

Keep your iTunes Updated with the latest version before we start recovery mode.

Connect your iPhone XS Max To iTunes on Your Mac or PC.

Now, Force restart your iPhone XS Max,

  1. Quickly press and Release volume up button.
  2. Quickly press and Release volume down button.
  3. Press and Hold Side button until you see the Apple logo on the screen.

You iPhone will see iTunes with lightning cable, this is the recovery mode.

Launch iTunes on Mac or PC. Wait for Few Seconds, iTunes will pop out the message on Desktop screen with Update and Restore option.

Make your decision and go with the options as you wish.

  • Restore Option: Remove all the date and install new iOS.
  • Update Option: Don’t clean all date only update iOS.

If you are restoring option, Use iTunes for setting up new iPhone and Get back all the data to iPhone from iTunes backup.

Method 4: Get help from Expert: Checkout the hardware Damage

Still not fix, This called: iPhone XS Max black screen to death. you need technician help that care your iPhone and check the hardware issue. You can go to apple store and fix in free is iPhone XS Max in under warranty. If not in under warranty then go with repair service nearby you.

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