Is Apple Vision Pro Wireless, and What is its Battery Life?

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Yes, the Apple Vision Pro headset is essentially wireless and comes with an external battery pack that can last up to 2 hours. Unlike other VR headsets in the market, Vision Pro functions much like an independent computer. 

As such, it does not need to be connected to other devices for it to function. Some industry experts project it to be the very first VR headset to take full advantage of 5G cellular connectivity. However, Wi-Fi connectivity will suffice since the gadget is mainly meant for use at home or in the office. 

Get to know how the Vision Pro headset connects to other devices, accessories, and the internet as well as its battery life.

The Apple Vision Pro is, to a great extent, a wireless device but is connected to the 2-hour external battery pack via a power cord. You also need to connect it via a USB cable, if you are to use it as a display for your Mac.

Is Apple Vision Pro Wireless? 

Apple is yet to disclose the connectivity aspects of the Vision Pro officially. This leaves much to speculation. Initial positioning for the device by the manufacturer appears to limit the need for connectivity. 

Apple has already gone out of its way to highlight the spatial computing capabilities of the device. Much of the usage demonstrations given by the manufacturer do not necessitate connectivity. Even so, most industry experts believe that the headset will support Wi-Fi connectivity. 

This is because the device will most likely require a stable internet connection for Apps that require low latency and high-speed internet. Others are of the opinion that the headset will be the first VR headset to leverage the power of 5G cellular technology.

How does Apple Vision Pro connect?

Although the manufacturer is yet to clarify how the Vision Pro connects, the headset appeared in a developers’ video with a USB-C adapter attached. The headset on this video is placed on a desk with the USB adapter attached to the strap, towards the right side.  

On yet another part of the Platforms State of the Union video, the Vision Pro appears to be connected directly to a Mac Studio via the adapter. If this video is anything to go by, it appears you can connect the Vision Pro headset to a Mac via a USB-C adapter. 

That said, it is possible to pair your Mac to the Vision Pro through the USB adapter. In this case, the Vision Pro will serve as an excellent 3D display right on your face. The device also supports Bluetooth connection to such accessories as a wireless mouse and keyboard. However, it is not yet clear which Bluetooth version the headset will have. 

Is the Vision Pro Wired?

Yes, the Vision Pro is wired to an external battery pack. As you may have figured from its images, Vision Pro does not have a built-in battery. This will reduce the weight of the headset considerably, making it more comfortable to wear for extended periods. 

Instead, it comes with an external battery pack that is almost the size of a conventional power bank. So what does the setup look like? 

The Vision Pro Power Interface 

The Vision Pro headset uses an external battery pack. As such, the headset only features a power interface—from where you can connect the power cord coming from the external battery pack. The Vision Pro power interface is located on the side of the headset. 

This interface features a unique circular-shaped magnetic connector. To facilitate a secure connection, the connector has a segmented limit ring. This holds the power cable in place—ensuring that it does not detach as you walk, since the battery will most likely be in your pocket. 

Other components of the power interface on Apple’s Vision Pro include: 

1). The Power Cord

The power cord will be offered by the manufacturer as an accessory. It connects to the headset on one end and to the external battery pack on the other end. The cord will be about 2 meters in length. This way, you can comfortably put the battery pack in your pocket whenever you are using the Vision Pro headset. 

The power cord plug is circular and needs to be plugged into the power interface, on the interface, at a 45-degree angle. Once inserted you need to rotate the plug to secure it in place.

The other end of the power cord connects to the external battery pack. 

2). LED Indicator

The Vision Pro power cable features an LED indicator on its plug. When you plug the cable into the headset, the indicator will glow confirming the normal power supply.

3). Charging Port

The charging port for the Apple Vision Pro headset is located on the side of the external battery pack. Although the manufacturer is yet to disclose the type of port this will be, it is most likely a USB-C port. 

How Long Is The Vision Pro Battery Life?

The Apple Vision Pro battery can only last up to 2 hours. The external battery pack used on the Vision Pro is said to have a similar capacity to a conventional power bank. However, most potential users are dissatisfied with the 2-hour runtime it can deliver.

Apple has not disclosed the important battery specifications, other than the fact that it can only last for 2 hours on a full charge. Industry experts speculate that the external battery supply for this headset will have a capacity of about 74Wh (20,000mAh). If such a battery only lasts for two hours, then the device has a power consumption of about 30W. 

Again, the manufacturer also yet to tell us how long it will take to charge the external battery to full capacity. It would also be great if the battery was interchangeable as this would make it possible for third-party manufacturers to produce a longer-lasting battery for the Vision Pro.

Does the Vision Pro Have to be Plugged in?

Absolutely not, the device does not have to be plugged into the mains power supply for it to function. As mentioned earlier in this guide, the Vision Pro comes with an external battery pack. The battery pack is rechargeable and can last up to two hours on a full charge. 

As such, you only need to plug the device in when recharging the battery. You could also use the headset while it is plugged in and charging for extended runtime.  Provided that the battery pack is charged, whether to plug the device in during use is at your discretion. 

Why is the Vision Pro Battery Life so Short?

First things first, one of  Apple’s main objectives is to produce a lightweight, yet superior mixed-reality headset. This is why they coupled the headset to an external battery pack as opposed to a built-in battery. 

Even with such a setup, they also had to make the battery pack compact enough to fit in the user’s pocket. Bearing all such aspects in mind, a 20,000mAh battery is practical, right? But again, 20,000mAh is not a small capacity. So, why exactly does it deplete within 2 hours? 

This only means one thing, the Apple Vision Pro’s power consumption is comparatively high, and here is why: 

  1. Dual-Chip Technology 

As opposed to other virtual reality headsets in the market, Apple’s Vision Pro is powered by an innovative dual-chip design. Just as is the case with Mac devices, the M2 chip on the Vision Pro headset handles the processing. In this case, it has been optimized to deliver superior standalone performance. 

Additionally, Apple uses a relatively new chip technology on this device, the R1 chip. Here the R1 chip is mainly used to process input from five sensors, 12 cameras, and six microphones in real-time. This chip processes and renders new images to the display in less than 12 seconds. 

As you can imagine, powering two chips is much more demanding than powering a single chip. Though advantageous in many ways, the dual-chip design contributes to the high power consumption. 

  1. Ultra-High Resolution 

Vision Pro is equipped with two ultra-high resolution displays to give you a personal movie theatre experience. Streaming content on the headset feels like you are using a 100-foot wide display. In addition to watching TV shows and movies, you can also watch three-dimension (3D) movies on this headset. 

You can also play more than 100 Apple Arcade games on a screen as large as you desire. All these features are amazing, but also take a toll on your Vision Pro battery.  

  1. The Sophisticated Array of Sensors 

A pair of high-resolution cameras are built into the front of the headset. These cameras transmit at least a billion pixels per second to the Vision Pro display. The headset is also equipped with an array of sensors that pick up your input gestures accurately. 

The real‑time 3D mapping, head and hand tracking sensors on the headset are sophisticated enough to understand your gestures from multiple positions. Powering all these sensors and cameras draws a considerable amount of power from the external battery as well. 

  1. A 3D User Interface 

Brand new in Apple’s offering, the Vision Pro offers a revolutionary 3D display. The three-dimensional interface will make digital content feel and appear as though it were in your physical world. The interface will put you right in the middle of the action, so to speak. 

To give you an accurate depiction of scale and distance, the interface casts shadows and responds dynamically to natural light. The input for this new interface is equally revolutionary. You get to control the input using your eyes, voice, and hand gestures. 

Well, all these make the Vision Pro mixed-reality headset stand out, but also make the device ‘energy-hungry’. To sustain all these features and functionality for extended periods, you will require a bigger battery than what Apple is currently offering. Alternatively, you have to plug the Vision Pro in during use. 

Final Verdict 

The recently unveiled Vision Pro headset pushes mixed reality to an all-new level in many ways. Though designed to be used as an independent computer, Vision Pro may also be paired to other devices, such as Mac computers. In this regard, you can connect it via a USB cable and use the Vision Pro as a 3D display for the Mac. 

Vision Pro also supports Bluetooth connections, mainly to accessories like a wireless keyboard and mouse. Pairing it with such allows you use the headset much like a conventional computer. The device also comes with a power cord that is attached to its side and connects it to an external battery pack. 

At 20,000mAh, the external battery pack for Vision Pro is comparatively large. However, it can only last up to two hours on a full charge. This is mainly because of the many features that need to be running at any particular time during usage.

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