Is iPhone 7 Worth Buying in 2019? Must Read This Honest Review

If you are thinking to buy a Smartphone, fed up of bugs and lags of Android device and want to try Apple device, you might be thinking that Which iPhone Should I buy? Well, that surely depends upon your requirement and budget (according to whomever you ask this question). And then your pocket makes you think about the price of iPhone Xs being $1000 and iPhone XR being $750. This doesn`t sound affordable for all people, and you might still want to explore the latest features by Apple at affordable rates.

iPhone 7 costs about $300 and iPhone 7 plus costs about $400 comes with basic space of 32 GB. This price is equal to any normal android device that might be available in the market as of now. iPhone 7 has a single rear camera but iPhone 7 Plus has Double rear camera, which gives the effect of DSLR`s blurring of object`s background. iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus runs on A10 Fusion Chip which is a lot faster than any normal smartphone available in the market. A10 Fusion Chip of iPhone 7 supports iOS 12, this is the prime reason to buy iPhone 7. Some are claiming that iOS 12 is not running smoothly in iPhone 7 but we have conducted a short survey and found that iOS 12 works even faster in iPhone 7 than latest iPhone Xr.

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iPhone 7 is compact in size and thinner than the latest Apple Flagship smartphones. Believe me or not, some people prefer touch id and Home button over Face id. iPhone 7 proves to be an optimum partner to their needs. Performance of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is best in terms of multitasking, speed and application installation in comparison to many android devices with the age of maximum 2 years and after that its lagging makes you throw that phone away in the garbage.

iPhone 7 worth buying
iPhone 7 worth buying

We have prepared a Table of comparison between iPhone 7 and iPhone Xr.

FeaturePriceCameraChipiOS versionResolutionSizeLock
iPhone 7
iPhone 7 Plus
12 MPA10 Fusion Chip121920 by 10805.5 inch widescreen displayTouch id
iPhone Xr$75012MPA12 Bionic Chip121792 by 8286.1 inch all ScreenFace id

*Resolution and Size in this table of iPhone 7 section is of iPhone 7 Plus

Buy iPhone 7

Buy iPhone 7 Plus

After seeing this, we hope that your doubt should have been clearer about the misconception of iPhone 7 being any less than latest Flagships of Apple.

Our Conclusion

Price is a big factor in buying things for middle-class people. And If Price is considered as a primary factor than we suggest you to buy iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. Because it gives a flawless performance in a lot lesser price than the latest iPhones. And if you are having enough money to afford the latest Flagship iPhone, we recommend you to explore more of the latest functionality given by Apple.

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