iTunes Not syncing music to iPhone after iOS Update: Here’s fix

Let’s Fix iTunes Not syncing music to iPhone after iOS Update. Because Every update releases with some pros and cons and so latest iOS also has some advantages and disadvantages by Improvements in the File system, Security and more. Today we will discuss iTunes not syncing songs to iPhone or iPad which is common issues among peoples who updated their device to latest iOS.

Or sometimes when you’re syncing music then it might be possible that there will be the problem in syncing settings, poor network connection or it may be due to corrupted USB cable.

Below some of the primary tips are given which can be helpful for you to solve this issue.

Treated with iPhone, iPad Models are iPhone XS (Max), iPhone XR/X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 5S and all iPad models.

iTunes is not syncing to All Songs, Means Some songs Doesn’t copy to iPhone local Storage.

Troubleshooting for iTunes Not Syncing Music iPhone after iOS Update

Follow the correct way to Sync music to iTunes on Mac or PC. We can sync iPhone with iTunes over Wi-Fi. But it takes time, so use USB lightning cable.

iPhone Won’t Sync With iTunes: Music Won’t move to iPhone

Open iTunes on Mac or PC. Connect iPhone through the lightning cable to iTunes.

Find your iPhone in iTunes device, Click on Device icon for see full iPhone summary and other sync options.

From the side panel, under the Settings section, see Music.

Click on it and Find more option, Enable Checkbox for Sync Music.

I recommend the Entire music library. Click on Done button to start the sync.

1 Sync music iPhone using iTunes from Mac

TIP #1 at first you should check the network connection, or restart iTunes, or change your USB cable if it does not work then follow the below tips.

TIP #2 Next you must update iTunes in your device to latest available version. Check the Latest Version of iTunes.

TIP #3 iTunes doesn’t sync entire music library

Just Turn Off “iCloud Music Library” on your iPhone or iPad by approaching “Settings” and then by opening “Music.”

3 Turn off iCloud music library on iPhone

TIP #4: Even this doesn’t work then follow the below steps”

Step 1: Launch “Settings”

Step 2: Find and open “Music.”

Step 3: See that “Show Apple Music” is enabling or not

Step 4: If it is enabled then Turn it OFF

TIP #5: Now after iPhone, you have to disable “Show Apple Music” on PC or Mac

For Mac

Step1: Launch “iTunes.”

Step 2: Then open “Preference” from the Top Menu.

Step 3: Go to General and disable “Show Apple Music.”

For Windows

Step 1: Go to “iTunes.”

Step 2: Tap on “Edit

Step 3: Open “Preference

Step 4: Then click on “General” and Turn Off “Show Apple Music.”

TIP #6: check that “Sync Music” function is ON in iTunes and at last verify that complete music library is selected or not.

Tip #7: Restart Both the Devices and try again.

iTunes Will Not Sync My Music Library

That means you need to turn on iCloud music Library from Mac or iPhone. Once we enable iCloud Music library, all the playlists and Played songs leisurely to play on all devices.

iTunes Not Syncing Downloaded Music

We can only sync or move Songs those are downloaded from the internet and saved on Mac or PC Drive, External Drive.

Unfortunately, Apple music Songs cannot play on other media player or not move between iPhone and Mac/PC.

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