iOS 17.3.1: How to keep My iPhone SMS conversations in secret Mode, invisible ink

SMS conversations in secret, Many apps for chatting are available on iTunes. Using those apps you can talk or SMS With your friends, relatives, and much more with each other. But sometimes you have fear on your face related to chat (SMS) conversion and feel that the conversion will be read by the family member or guardians. But here I give tips by use of one iOS app for protecting your chatting conversion. In your life sometimes you have to need to hide your chat on your iPhone.

New Updates in the latest iOS iMessage added too many effects to every text conversation. One of the most popular iMessage text effects is invisible ink which helps iOS Users temporarily hide your discussion at a glance using invisible ink mode. Still, Apple has not planned two-factor authentication or passcode for your Message app that is unable to open or unauthorized access from the home screen. But users are waiting. I found the standard solution that iPhone/ iPad users are too much like for more fun and privacy reasons.

Let’s see how to send an iMessage text message with an invisible ink effect on iOS 10 or later compatible iDevices.

Hide text conversation in secret mode – How to use invisible ink on Message

  1. Open the Messages app on iPhone, iPad
  2. Type text in the Message box as an iMessage. Tap and Hold on the Upper Arrow blue send icon, until you see screen effects.
  3. 3. Next, tap on invisible ink and send it. At the recipient, the message will show blur until the user doesn’t try to see it with a single tap on a text message.

If we forgot to delete text or Picture/ image from the conversations, then it’s ignorable, Because no one can try to read all talk by tapping each text.

1 Send invisible ink in iMessage on iPhone and iPad

That’s it.

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How to Auto Delete or Hide Message conversation on FB Messenger iOS app

Learn, how do you start a secret conversation on Messenger?

  1. Open Facebook Messenger,
  2. Go to the Messenger profile by a tap on the name of the recipient.
  3. Find Secret conversation. Once you are in Facebook Messenger in Secrete conversation mode,
  4. The Text message box show another option for the timer.
  5. How long you are interested in keeping every text message in your Message conversation.
    The maximum time limit is 1 minute.

2 secrete mode on Facebook messenger iPhone and iPad

Messenger Secret mode support picture or Video message.

Stickers and emojis are also fantastic ones to send as a secret Mode.

3 Timer in Secrete message on FB messenger

In short, we can share all the things that we are using and send them in regular mode. Apart from location sharing and Video clips.

Other Key Features of the secret mode in Messenger:

  • Self-timer at both Ends
  • All the Secret style conversation notifications on the lock screen will not show the name of the sender

That’s it. Enjoy Secret Mode.

Using Tweaks

Pysl app is a Best Secret chat hide and protects from others. Rikk created this application. Therefore, iPhone users could Protect Your Secret Life. Moreover, this app got an excellent review from iOS users, and I hope you can follow it very quickly and understand it too.

By application, you can allow also blacklist SMS chat and Wishlist SMS chat by using the chat filter.

After then you can see the hidden area by password cause you can do your conversation secret with the use of Password.

sms conversations in secret
Set Enable mode, SMS conversations in secret
hide sms conversations
Type of filter which you want to select one of them.

Step to keep My iPhone SMS conversations in furtive mode

Now start step for How to keep chat conversion privately.    

Follow all steps to SMS conversations in secret.

  • Press your iPhone button to launch Cydia from the springboard
  • Press the search tab  which is located bottom of your screen
  • Now text Pysl in the search bar and search it after the type.
  • After a search, you can see Pysl in the list select it
  • For Installation on your iOS device press the install button on the right side of the screen
  • Now hit the sizeable Red button for install that you can appear on the screen
  • Sometime after installation of the apps, it can ask you to reboot your iOS device
  • If you do not wish for the reboot, then you can do continue
  • And press the Pysl Icon from the springboard for launching the apps on your iOS device
  • Now hit setting for the open setting button
  • Now type a new password to restrict access to this area and then run the save New password Button
  • If you want to change the password, then press the new password button that you can see on the screen
  • Now hit the Back button which you can look at the left side of the screen
  • Now run backlist from the welcome side screen
  • On the right side, corner hit the add button
  • Hit add the number from the contact
  • Choose an address book list from your contact list
  • Now Hit a contact’s number to use as a filter
  • You will also be returned to the Blacklist screen.
  • Here we have the options to enable three switches.

Moreover, extra tips to manage the apps

  1. SMS DELETE:- You can hide Sms & delete it “on the air” (not doing it into the trace)
  2. SMS STOP:- You can hide Sms & store it in Sms History
  3. CALL STOP:- You can hide calls &register calls in the Call history
  • If you wish I’ve enabled SMS STOP to hide SMS for this person, then hit the Add contact to list.
  • You will then be returned to the Blacklist. Hit the Back button at the top left side of the screen.
  • Switch the Pysl Enable to the ON condition
  • For just a test, you can send an SMS to the person you just added to your Blacklist.
  • Note if you asked for your Password
  • In the end, Select SMS History from the Greeting Screen.
  • Now you will find it my SMS is seen here but not it do in my iPhone Sms Box !!! …………

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