How to keep My iPhone sms conversations in secret Mode

Last Updated: Jun 26, 2014

SMS conversations in secret, Many apps for chatting are available on the iTunes. Using those apps you can chat or SMS With your friends, relatives and many more with each other. But sometimes you have fear on your face related to chat (SMS) conversion and feel that if the conversion will be read by the family member or guardians .But here I give tips by use of one iOS apps for protect your chatting conversion. In your life sometime you have to need hide your chat in your iPhone.

Pysl apps is a Best Secret chat hide and protect from other. This application was created by Rikk therefore iPhone users could Protect Your Secret Life. Moreover this apps got very good review by iOS user and i hope you can follow it very easily and understand too.

By application you can allow also blacklist sms chat and Wightlist sms chat by using the chat filter.

After then you can see hide area by password. Because you can do your chat secret with use of Password.

sms conversations in secret
Set Enable mode, sms conversations in secret
hide sms conversations
Type of filter which you want to select one of them.

Step to keep My iPhone sms conversations furtive mode

Now start step for How to keep chat conversion in secret mode .    

Follow the all step to SMS conversations in secret.

  • Press your iPhone button for launch Cydia from springboard
  • Press search tab  which is locate bottom your screen
  • Now text Pysl in search bar and search it after type.
  • After search you can see Pysl in the list select it
  • For Installation in your iOS device press the install button at right side if screen
  • Now hit large Red button for install that you appear you on the screen
  • Sometime after installation of the apps it can be ask you reboot you iOS device
  • If you not wish for reboot it you can do continue
  • And press Pysl Icon from the springboard for launch the apps in you iOS devise
  • Now hit setting for the open setting button
  • Now type a new Password for restrict access to this area and then hit the save New password Button
  • If you want to change the password then press the new password button that you can see on the screen
  • Now hit the Back button which you can see at left side of the screen
  • Now hit backlist from the welcome side screen
  • At the right side corner hit the add button
  • Hit add number from the contact
  • Choose an address book list from your contact list
  • Now Hit a contact’s number to use as a filter
  • You will be returned also to the Black list screen.
  • Here we have the options to enable three switches .

Moreover extra tips for manage the apps

  1. SMS DELETE :- You can hide Sms & delete it “on the air” (not going it into the trace)
  2. SMS STOP    :- You can hide Sms & store in Sms History
  3. CALL STOP    :- You can hide call &register call in Call history
  • If you wish I’ve enabled SMS STOP to hide SMS for this person. Then hit the Add contact to list.
  • You will then be returned to the Blacklist. Hit the Back button at the top left side of the screen.
  • Switch the Pysl Enable to the ON condition
  • For just test you can do send an SMS to the person you just added to your Blacklist.
  • Note it you are asked to your Password
  • At the end Select SMS History from the Greeting Screen.
  • Now you will find it my sms is see here but not it see in my iPhone Sms Box !!! …………


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