What is My iPhone’s, iPad’s Screen Resolutions & All Apple Device Tech Specification

Find your device screen size, Screen resolutions

People who want to know the technical specification of own apple devices incorrect number or code format. That’s very hard to remember/ Optimize all the things (100+ features and number value like Release Date, Current model number, Colors, Weight and Dimensions, Screen display size, Display/ Screen resolution, Pixel density, Storage capacity, Touch ID, Available file or data transfer, Network mode, Supported Audio or Video format, Process, Compressor, Supported Network, Location System, Sensors, Battery capacity, Battery Life and Many all other.)

Mostly you need to know any of the above features before goes for buying your device’s accessories (External Charger, Screen Protector, Back case) at online or regional store own self, without technical specialist.

In many cases I experienced, Accessories are available on the Product dimension not on the name title. Ex. iPad back case compatible on a 7 to 10 inch iPad model.

But I can help you matter in just a second, Follow me. I found an amazing app that learns your device automatically and knows the real all detailed technical specification.

Know Screen resolution, Other Full Tech specification for any Apple Device

If you don’t know exactly that name of your device, go for the next alternate way.

Mactracker: Know Apple Device Spec Using App

  1. App for find Apple Device tech specThis is an offline application, Go to Apple Store > Mactracker app.
  2. Install in your iOS device, Launch app.
  3. Under the General section, Tap on “This Device” My iPhone 6, Share screen.iPhone full details

Method 2: Get From Apple Website


  1. From official apple website, Go here > Browse by Product optionScreen resolution, Tech Spec and Full Details
  2. Choose your device types, Enter the name of your device or targeted device that’s you analyze.

Method 3: Use the System Status App

System Status: Activity Monitor, Manager: Get App, which makes your iOS device all time refresh by easy memory management.

Without serial Number of EMEI numbers know Screen resolution, Supported OS, Release Price, Data, Color Option, and more full details.

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