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🗓️ January 19, 2021 By ✍️ Jaysukh patelYour iPhone has a lot to say, and if you’re new to iPhone, then I bet you won’t be able to understand what it wants to say. There are plenty of Status Bar Icons and Control Center Icons you may have seen already, some are easy to get such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, however, when iPhone shows Orange Dot, Green Dot, different variants of 5G Icons, you will need to know what they mean and later you’ll come to a decision whether to enable or disable that function.

Apparently, there is no much change in Status and Control Center Icons, they are the same in all iPhone models, with some exceptions. If in case we missed out on some icons, feel free to comment and we’ll get back to you.

Know the iPhone Icons Meaning and How to Use Them

Status Bar Icons on iPhone

1. 5G icon on iPhone Status Bar


When you see 5G on the iPhone status bar, it means, 5G network is available and your iPhone is connected to that. You’ll only see this on iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, or newer.

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2. 5G+/5GUW on iPhone Status Bar


It signifies that a higher frequency 5G network is available to connect on your iPhone. Again it works with the latest iPhone 12 series or later.

3. 5G E on iPhone Status Bar


On iPhone 8 or later, this 5G E appears to let you know that you can connect iPhone to the internet.

4. LTE on iPhone Status Bar


You can connect iPhone to LTE and you may see this icon on iPhone 5 or later.

5. 3G on iPhone Status Bar

3g network enable on iPhone

3G indicates that your carrier’s 3G UMTS(GSM) or EV-DO(CDMA) is currently available and the iPhone can be connected to the internet over the same.

6.  4G on iPhone Status Bar

4g network enable on iPhone

Your carrier’s 4G network is available it can be 4G UTMS (GSM) and LTE network and you can connect iPhone to the internet over the same network.

7. GPRS on iPhone Status Bar


GPRS (GSM) or 1xRTT (CDMA) network is available and the iPhone can connect to the internet.

8. E on iPhone Status Bar


E indicates that Edge network is available and you can connect iPhone to the same.

9. Signal Bars on iPhone Status Bar


More the Signal Strength, more the Signal Bars. If you see signal bars in the status bar, it means you can make and receive calls. If your iPhone is not in the cellular network range, then “No service” will show up on the status bar.

10. Signal Bars (For Dual SIM iPhone)

dual-sim-status-bar-icon on iPhone

iPhone with Dual SIM support shows this type of signal bar when in range of the cellular network. “No service” displays when the iPhone is not connected to the cellular network.

11. Wi-Fi


Wi-Fi Calling is available to use on iPhone and your carrier will come up after Wi-Fi.

12 Wi-Fi Icon on iPhone Status Bar


iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi and you can use the internet.

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13 VPN on iPhone Status Bar


It shows that your iPhone is connected to the network using a VPN.

14. VPN Disconnected Icon


When your iPhone is disconnected from VPN, this icon will appear in the status bar.

15. Location Services Icon


When any App or Website or Program uses the Location Services, this icon will display in the status bar.

16. Wireless Activity Icon


Wireless Activity is running on your iPhone.

17. Call Forwarding Icon


It signifies that Call Forwarding is enabled on the iPhone.

18. Airplane Mode Icon


When the Airplane Mode icon appears on the iPhone status bar, you can’t make or receive calls plus Bluetooth won’t be available until Airplane mode is disabled.

19. Teletype (TTY) Icon


It indicates Teletype is on. This is a Special Security call, Your iPhone will send a special alert to the receiver.

20. Orientation Lock


When Orientation Lock is enabled, it won’t let your iPhone screen rotate. Disable it from the Control Center to use auto rotate on iPhone.

21. Do Not Disturb Mode (Half Moon Icon)


Do Not Disturb silence the calls, notifications, and other alerts until it is disabled. Though, the Alarm will still sound.

22. Syncing Icon


It indicates that your iPhone is syncing with iTunes.

23. Locked Icon


When your iPhone is locked with a Touch ID or passcode, the Locked icon will appear in the status bar.

24. Headset Icon


It shows that the iPhone is paired with wireless headphones, earbuds, or a headset.

25. Alarm Icon


The alarm is set.

26. Battery Icon (Horizontal Icon)



It is a battery indicator. When Low Power Mode is enabled, it turns yellow. If the battery is less than 20% then it will turn to red color.

27. Battery Icon (Vertical Icon)


It indicates the battery level of your paired Bluetooth device.

28. iPhone Connected to Personal Hotspot

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If you’re connected to another device’s personal hotspot and using the internet, this icon will appear.

29. Flash in Battery Icon


When your iPhone is charging, the battery icon turns green with the Flash icon.

30. CarPlay


If you see this icon, it means your iPhone is connected to the CarPlay.

31. Blue, Green, and Red in Status Bar

This color appears behind the time icon.

  • Blue: It appears when Personal Hotspot is enabled, your iPhone is Screen Mirroring or the app is using location services.iPhone-blue-time-status-sharing-hotspot
  • Green: When you’re on call.iPhone-green-time-status-on-a-call
  • Red: In the case of iPhone recording the screen or the sound.iPhone-red-time-status-recording-screen

32. Orange Dot and Green Dot Indicators in Status Bar

The latest update brought some handy features and one of them is Orange and Green dots in the status bar.

  • Orange Indicator: An app is using a Microphone on your iPhone.Iphone-orange-dot-icon
  • Green Indicator: It indicates either the Camera or Camera and the Microphone is in use by the app.iPhone-green-dot-icon

Control Center Icons

We’ve explained the default Control Center Icons. Here are they,

33. Airplane Mode

By tapping on the Airplane Mode button you can quickly enable and disable the Airplane Mode. Keep note that while Airplane Mode is enabled, you cannot use any wireless services including Calling, Messaging, Bluetooth, etc.

34. Cellular Data

Tap on the Cellular Data button to toggle the cellular data on the iPhone.

35. Wi-Fi

To turn on and off Wi-Fi, tap on it. Touch and hold the Wi-Fi icon to see the list of available Wi-Fi networks nearby you.

36. Bluetooth

Control the Bluetooth from here. However, keep in mind that when the Bluetooth icon is turned blue, it doesn’t mean that the wireless device is connected, but your iPhone is ready to pair with any nearby Bluetooth device.

37. Music

Just on the right side, there’s a Music Box, you can play/pause, change the music from there.

38. Orientation Lock

When the Orientation Lock is enabled, the iPhone won’t rotate automatically. Tap on it to disable the Orientation Lock.

39. Do Not Disturb Icon

I assume you already know what DND means. Yes, it can be managed from the Control Center too.

40. Brightness Slider

Adjust the Brightness by dragging up or down. Touch and hold the Brightness to expand more options.

41. Volume Slider

From here you can manage the Volume of the iPhone, again hold down the Volume Slider to see more settings.

42. Screen Mirroring

Apple has already labeled this Icon as Screen Mirroring, so there is nothing to explain.

43. Torch

To turn on or off Torch flash, tap on it. Moreover, you can increase or decrease the Flash Intensity by touching and holding the Torch icon.

44. Timer

It is a timer.

45. Calculator

To activate the calculator tap on it. Rotate the iPhone to use the scientific calculator.

46. Camera

Tap on the Camera button to launch the Camera App.

47. Home

From Home Icon you can control the connected smart home accessories right from the iPhone.

48. Low Power Mode

By activating the Low Power Mode on iPhone, some unnecessary functions turn off to preserve the battery until you have access to the power.

49. Screen Recording

Tap on the Screen Recording button to start recording the iPhone screen. Plus, if you want to record audio too, then touch and hold the Screen Recording button and select Microphone Audio.

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